“Mendacious swine journals”

You couldn’t ask for a better reader than Isolde Beck. She has had subscriptions to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Badische Neueste Nachrichten and SPIEGEL for many years. And as a retiree, she takes the time to thoroughly read through the newspapers and magazine.

But her relationship with the media has become troubled in recent weeks. She has the feeling that the “news is being suppressed” and that journalists are no longer allowed to “articulate certain things.” Beck has stopped believing what the journalists write.   h/t LS

The sign reads "Mendacious swine journals"

The sign reads “Mendacious swine journals”

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    That was the longest exhibition of self pity and denial of responsibility I’ve ever read.

    Maybe if journalists actually acknowledged that a large number the criticisms levelled at them are valid. But they never do.
    Deny deny deny. That’s all we ever get.
    So to hell with them. The more newspapers that go bust and the more of these assholes that wind up on the unemployment line the better off we are.

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    The one good thing we can take away from that whiny, self indulgent little blubber fest is that on line criticism of journalists like the type that happens on this forum

    We must keep this in mind when we comment on the Canadian “news” media.
    Hammer their asses hard. Attack attack attack and if they beg for mercy kick them in the ducking nuts and laugh.

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      Oh for fux sake! ……”ducking nuts”?

      Ducking autocorrect : )