Fight night…

Sucker Punch/Elbow Guy Gets Owned!!!

  • Watch this interview with RUBIO – at min. 3.30 – this candidate does not think Islam is a problem, thinks there are millions of patriotic Muslims, etc. Obviously, this is the guy NOT to vote for.

    • Brett_McS

      I’m sorry, I had to turn off before Rubio’s response. “Here is Alison, who has a story and then a question…”. [lunges for the stop button]

    • Wow.

    • Xavier

      The big money iJeb! donors have moved to Rubio.
      What does that tell you?

      • Clink9

        That he’s from the party of:

        “Same Old, Same Old, Were Going To Keep Screwing This Country And It’s Citizens”.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I find it hard to take anything Rubio says very seriously. On behalf of which lobby is he speaking now, I always ask myself. Rubio is a cipher, and about as trustworthy as Hillary Clinton.