Disney workers forced to train foreign replacements are not an anomaly

From Daily Caller:

One of the workers Disney fired and forced to train his foreign replacement is scheduled to testify before Congress Thursday, when he will share his story and plead with lawmakers to recognize it as part of a nationwide problem with the H-1b visa program.

Perrero was laid off just ahead of the holidays in 2014 and then forced to train his foreign replacement on an H-1b visa, before he and hundreds of other IT workers at Disney in Florida left their job. He had been at Disney for more than 10 years and received outstanding performance reviews, and actually thought he was being called in for a pat on the back when his boss laid him off.

It’s only a problem if one is an American who wants work, not welfare. The Dems would give that guy welfare; the GOP donor class would farm out his job to foreigners who don’t have to pay American expenses (which will include the growing, eventually crippling welfare for the now long-term unemployed).

Businesses say they need the H-1b program, which gives them access to temporary foreign guest workers, in order to fill jobs that Americans can’t or won’t do, particularly in the tech industry. But the program’s critics contend it was designed to give companies a way to displace American workers with cheaper foreign workers, and that Disney-style layoffs are happening all over the country.

Notice that the media (PR for progressive government) have said little about this problem, relative to its importance. They are really not safe to listen to anymore.

“This abuse of the H1-B Visa is not about a lack of talent here in the U.S.,” Perrero says in his testimony. “If our own pool of IT professionals were so incompetent- then why would companies like Disney and many others have us train our replacements, spend months teaching them and also why would such a low ratio of STEM graduates from college land a STEM job?”More.

Why? Because the GOP donor class can hang Americans out to dry. If they win, there is less welfare for formerly working Americans; if the Dems win, there is more welfare.

But there is no dignity, and the donor class of either party can park its assets somewhere else. Political correctness has prevented  an honest discussion of the problem.

Update! Guy broke down in tears:

“Your jobs have been given over to a foreign workforce,” Perrero recalled the executive saying. “In the meantime you will be training your replacements until your jobs are 100 percent transferred over to them and if you don’t cooperate you will not receive any severance pay.”

Perrero noted that the one “glimmer of hope” left following the meeting was that there would be new employment opportunities at Disney. That hope was quickly dashed however, he said, as he later learned that just four people were “directly rehired.”

But, hey, the tech billios are still hiring pool boys.

Reality check: A great many people will come to grief because they are unable or unwilling to face the fact that entirely new political parties are needed if they are to have any representation at all.

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