Code Pink: Cartoon says it all re Canada today

From a different American friend (no, not The Animal):

Drybones cartoon








Reality check: This other Yank friend bleats, What is wrong in Canada?  Get used to it, readers, as Trudeau transforms the country, this is a new face for Canada.

Why? the guy asks me. Well, …

  1. For one thing, feminists dropped the ball on women’s rights, to demonstrate multiculti.

2. And non-feminist Jane is afraid, but helpless and bought off

3. And yes, super-powderpuff Justin is Canada’s prime minister (even though he had protested people saying that honour killings are barbaric.)

People who complain could end up in more trouble than people who perpetrate, but that is progressive government for you.  At least Canada voted for it. Weep rather for those who women who will never have the chance to vote against it.

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