Bill Advances to Brand Muslim Brotherhood a Terrorist Organization

A House bill introduced last year by Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.) to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist entity cleared the House Judiciary Committee today.

The bill details many links of the Brotherhood to terrorism, including the endorsement of violence in Egypt last year in response to a “war against Islam’s principles.” It notes that Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain have banned the Brotherhood.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    May it come to pass speedily in our days.

    • I hope it does.

      • Ron MacDonald

        Justin will be heartbroken.

  • The Muslim Brotherhood is a supremacist organization, using terrorist means to impose Islam on the whole world. It absolutely belongs in a list of banned groups. CAIR in the US and similar offshoots elsewhere also belong in that list. They are no different in fact, their different names being just camouflage.

  • Kell

    Islam has principles? since when? goats, babies, camels, each other as sex objects and suddenly they have principles? LMFAO

  • barryjr

    Obama has a veto all typed up and a pen ready to sign it when he gets a call on his cell phone to say it passed.

    • Jim Horne

      No worries Barry Jr. The Donald will sign that Bill and others to boot. All of them will have the intent to “Ban”, “Dismantle” and “Shutdown” (BDS) these Islamic front groups. The Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Students Association and many more just like them will be on a terror list soon.