Adil Charkaoui among Muslims involved in latest violent incident at Collège de Maisonneuve

Note Google Translate.

The Police Department of the City of Montreal (SPVM) had to intervene in a gym of the school where a fight broke out between a group that included Mr. Charkaoui and a college security officer, learned the Press .

The incident occurred around 18 pm. The group had rented the room to play soccer. But when the guard arrived, he noticed that the men – they were ten – devoted themselves to prayer instead. The employee arrested them and a conflict broke out. Members of the group, some of whom are in their thirties and forties, identified the security guard and threw him balloons. He felt sufficiently threatened to call the police, told La Presse two independent sources familiar with the testimony of the employee.


You can read more about Charkaoui here.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Why should take the Russian approach to deal with this guy, he simply disappears.

    • Justin wants him as an MP I imagine.

      • David Murrell


  • lolwut?


    Google translate fail?

    • Yea.

    • ntt1

      Could be water balloons or condpms Full of camel piss,we are dealing with Muslims after all…

    • Alain

      Read the whole article in French and balloons is the correct translation. The French version is not any more clear as to what they were throwing.

      • Raymond Cameron

        They were playing soccer. What about soccer balls?

        • Alain

          As I said the article in French was not clear, but that certainly is the most likely meaning.

    • Canadian

      Soccer balls. Ballon in french, baloon in Google.

  • David Murrell

    Fur, any chance we could get a transation of the full article? The quisling English corporate media are covering the story up.

    Btw, I submitted a complaint to the CBC ombudsman over their refusal to use the words “Muslim” and “Islam” in their earlier article on thi story.

  • gxp01

    woo-hoo! Here we go folks! Shit is about to get real!

  • simus1

    Beware of “muslims paying rent” to infidels for anything. Since they paid rent they were in legal possession of the property. Since they were praying to allah, while paying rent it is likely now and forever muslim property.
    Or something.

  • Gary

    It will only get worse when Justin brings in the 175,000 pro-sharia muslim refugees remaining from his Election bidding war with Tommy to show who is more compassionate.

    Screwing over the Citizens for a bunch of jew-hating homophobe msulims is now Compassion.

  • Ron MacDonald