The ‘white squatter camps’ of South Africa

Shanty huts sit next to clapped-out cars, as children sprint along the dusty wasteland under the scorching sun.

Beyond the flimsy shacks lie ditches and pools of filthy, stagnant water where mosquitoes breed.

These are the daily conditions endured by families in South Africa’s ‘white squatter camps’ where there is little food, running water and no electricity.

South Africa White Squatter Camp

  • john700

    If I were the PM of Canada, I would offer them refugee status in Canada immediately. But I am not an idiot, therefore the stupid Canadians won’t vote me in.

    • Cherie Fowler

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      • Maurice Miner

        Jesus, talk about deflationary economic headwinds. Most prostitutes charge a minimum of $100 per hour, but additional services are open to on-site negotiation.

        Cherie, you are screwed, honey.

    • El Martyachi

      What’s your hair like?

  • P_F

    Few years ago I read their story somewhere else too, most of them are hardworking though unskilled people, if given a chance they’ll succeed. And, I’m sure many would be happy to do any kind of job they are offered so why can’t Canada have them as TFW instead of thieving & conniving Filipinos??
    Oh but that won’t be multicultural at all moreover, turdo won’t be able to boast about his children nannies being multicultural too.

    • level of Consciousness

      White and South African sounds twice as multicultural.

  • canminuteman

    This is what life will be like for whites on the west coast before to long. We invite enough business class rich Chinese people in and they will own everything and only hire their own kind becuase they speak the language and the Chinese hate us. If you are white you will be SOL.

  • Ed

    Exclusionary racist bastards. Where are the black people???

  • ontario john

    Nice picture of what Ontario is going to look like in a couple of years. Do they have homosexual parades there?

  • Not surprising. Mandela and his Marxist gang have always been anti-white racists. Under the “apartheid regime” South Africa had a decent economy, Mandela’s heirs made everybody equally poor.