Georgetown’s Nathan Lean Says Everything by Saying Nothing

In just two minutes, journalist Asra Nomani exposed the empty and bullying nature of people pushing the “Islamophobia” narrative. The term is often used to stifle criticismof Islamism – a political movement aimed at imposing Islam on society – by casting it as inherently bigoted.

During a forum Tuesday devoted to the issue, Nomani confronted Georgetown University’s Nathan Lean, whose life is dedicated to combating “Islamophobia,” about his own behavior.

“I’m thrilled that you have an opposition to pernicious, nasty attacks,” Nomani said. “My question is, why do you engage in them?”

  • Ed Ellison

    The very best way to deal with bullies, is to pull their shit on them first.
    In other words attack them before they get their offence organized. It puts them off balance and they pretty much instantly lose the initiative.

    • Lean is a light weight little Goebbels wannabe for the new Nazis.

  • Brenda

    There’s that “Georgetown University’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding” again. It’s funded by a Saudi prince, and its director, John Esposito, has lined his pockets with Saudi money to promote ‘understanding’ when he is nothing more than an apologist for Islam.
    Why are we surprised?