Exit polls: South Carolina voters hate government, not illegal immigrants

From Daily Caller:

Exit polls show that South Carolina Republican voters were angry about government and that Donald Trump, the winner, had support across age groups and ideology.

They also showed that they were split on whether the future president should be an outsider and that a majority support a pathway to citizenship for working illegal immigrants.

Republican voters support amnesty for illegal immigrants who have jobs: As a colleague at the Daily Caller has pointed out, a majority Republican voters support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. The exit poll asked specifically about “illegal immigrants working in the U.S.” Fifty-six percent of New Hampshire and 53 percent of South Carolina voters think they should be offered legal status. If the question was just about illegal aliens, not those currently holding a job, the results would most likely be different.More.

Reality check: One wonders if it will become illegal to have discriminatory opinions about people who are illegally in one’s country and dependent on public assistance.

Actually, it’s not hard to see the voters’ logic here: If the person is working, she may be in an illegal position, but she isn’t a burden to them as well. So they have some basis for a discussion with her at least.

Progressive government, however, benefits from the votes of those who do not work or pay taxes, and thus are less able to hold government accountable for its big plans for their lives.

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