Cruz pitch to evangelicals may be downfall?

From Daily Caller:

Furthermore, Trump earned the most votes from evangelicals — the demographic that’s supposed to serve as Cruz’s core constituency.

Saturday’s results certainly got to Cruz superfan Glenn Beck. The radio host urged his listeners to join him in fasting in order to better secure divine help for Cruz’s candidacy. This statement comes after Beck said God possibly allowed Antonin Scalia to die so America would wake up and vote correctly.

The ramblings of Beck, besides being indicators of his declining mental health, are actually an extreme expression of Cruz’s electoral strategy. The senator’s campaign has done everything possible to win over the religious right this election cycle. Cruz announced he was running for president at Liberty University. Throughout his campaign, the Ivy League-educated lawyer has cited Bible verse and expounded upon his faith. He secured the endorsement of dozens of prominent evangelicals and social conservatives, many of whom quickly became surrogates for his campaign. More.

Reality check: Not everyone who believes in Jesus is an idiot. Many realize that one is not electing a minister but a statesman.

Christians might owe their religious freedom or even their lives to a playboy who powers down bigots and bullies — but then lose everything to the incompetence of a holy fool. It’s happened before.

That said,

As the data turns out, Trump actually wins the self-identified evangelicals who don’t regularly attend church, which surprisingly happens to be the majority in this category. Cruz wins the ones who regularly attend.

What this development might signal is a new shift in the Republican Party. As America becomes more secular, so is the GOP.

Maybe, but recall that the ones who attend church were more likely to have heard the good news about Ted Cruz. Keep seatbelts fastened.

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  • dance…dancetotheradio

    The holy war for the soul of the GOP continues.
    How many stayed home in 2012 because Mormon?

    • They stayed home because GOP by a larger percentage I am guessing.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Romney was the nominee, they should have backed him up.

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    Well, except Mormons don’t believe in the Jesus of Christianity.

  • adam

    Why are Carson and Kasich still in? I think they are both hoping that Trump won’t have 50% plus one when all is said and done. A handful of electoral votes might prove very valuable indeed.