Barbara Kay: Anti-Israel crusader Max Blumenthal does not deserve the honour of a PEN Canada audience

Marking Freedom to Read Week, on Wednesday, Feb, 24, at the Toronto Reference Library, PEN Canada will present, “Embattled Truths: Reporting on Gaza,” a talk by U.S. polemicist Max Blumenthal followed by a conversation with Toronto Star foreign affairs reporter Olivia Ward. Blumenthal is blurbed in the invitation as an “acclaimed U.S. journalist” who will “discuss the challenges of sifting truth from propaganda when reporting on conflict in the Gaza strip.”


PM Useful Idiot’s election has granted license.

  • Hard Little Machine

    What he deserves is to be strung up.

  • ontario john

    And great news for anti-semitism. The united church head office website has a whole section on how you can fight back against those damn Jews in Israel. And don’t miss out on the united church observer website where you can read a heart warming story on the benefits of shamism. Not to be confused on their earlier story on the benefits of voodoo.

    • What would be do without the United Church to guide us?

  • simus1

    The basic methods of sifting the truth out of media stories so only leftist propaganda remains to be consumed is extensively covered at most journo schools. This love in must cover the latest most advanced methods being brought to “the struggle”.

    • They just want to make hating Israel and the Jews nicer!

      Is that so wrong;)

  • David Murrell

    Let’s not forget that son Max is the gilded offspring of pere Sidney Blumenthal, formerly of TIME magazine and a close advisor of Hilary Clinton. Millionaire Sidney is up to his eyeballs in the Hilary-email scandal and her Clinton Foundation sleaze.

  • Truth from propaganda? Or Propaganda from truth?

    • David Murrell

      During the Clinton presidency years, I gave up reading TIME magazine, a propaganda sheet for the Clinton Democrats. The same way that CBC News and the Globe and Mail spew propaganda for the Trudeau Liberals.

      • David – I’ve given up reading or watching or listening to so many leftist media. If I still turn to one or two occasionally and briefly it is only to observe and wonder just how dishonest some human beings are able to get.

    • Shebel

      Belief from the Truth . or Gov’t by Propaganda.