About last night in Nevada…

File:No gambling.PNG Our American friend (the Political Animal), from whom we last heard after Trump’s win in South Carolina (Trump, he says, is sure to be GOP nominee) now writes to say,

Donald Trump won the Nevada caucus last night in impressive style. His total vote is expected to be 46%. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are still battling for second, something of a motif.

One interesting data point is that among caucus attendees whose most important issue is future Supreme Court nominees, Trump received 47%. The sneering conventional commentary is that his voters are wholly ignorant or indifferent to this consequential

I’ve told readers of Blazing Cat Fur that if Trump won South Carolina that he’d be hard to stop and the likely republican nominee. With his Nevada win this is still the case, only more so.

The republican establishment, mocked on Twitter as GOPe, is in full panic mode over what has been coming their way for months. When Trump says American leaders are stupid, he must mean republican establishment leaders first and foremost.

I spend far too much time on Twitter (follow me @shabbosgoy) where I have seen all sorts of reactions and behavior from those whose livelihoods depend on the good graces of donors.

Their favored scenario is where some remaining candidates drop out and every single supporter goes to Rubio, the establishment’s choice for continuing to advance the donor class interests while ignoring average Americans.

Next Tuesday, March 1, is a series of primaries & caucuses that Trump will likely dominate. He may even win my liberal state of Minnesota (where he has significant crossover appeal) which usually goes with the lamest republican running. Ted Cruz may win his home state of Texas and yet it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Trump won. Momentum will be added to momentum.

Another round of states vote March 15th with Trump expected to win all of them, including Marco Rubio’s home state of Florida where Trump has led for months.

I could go on but why? Trump will be the nominee, as will Hillary Clinton for the democrats.

The general election will be about the state of the country (bad bordering on catastrophic), the economy (does anyone think Hillary knows how to create a single job?), foreign affairs (who voted for the war, who is responsible for the world being on fire?) and who has a genuine vision for the future of America?

One thing I’ve noticed lately is that commentators go from Trump winning the nomination to analyzing how

Trump would be as president. It’s simply assumed, sotto voce, that if he runs in the general he beats Hillary Clinton. In keeping with this most unusual of election cycles, pundits don’t know both how right and how wrong they are at the same time. Trump is poised to win a landslide general election because he’s been running a general election campaign since the moment he announced last June.

That fact is only now dawning on the Smart Set.

Reality check: One can certainly see the difference the internet has made when we see that the Smart Set and the legacy media are actually so far out of it that they simply don’t understand what’s been going on via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc. All this time. That includes much conservative media.

Jonah Goldberg actually thinks Cruz-Rubio ticket might beat Trump. Why would two installments of the GOP donor class’ faves be more attractive than one? It amounts to saying, “We don’t get the fact that you want control of the borders and the economy again. We just don’t get it. We will change the subject to Trump’s neckties. You, of course, will go along, like always (until very recently)”

The GOP donor class benefits from exporting jobs overseas and bringing in low-wage migrants—until they automate their jobs and then make them a public concern. If it succeeds in stopping Trump just by tricking the voters into believing it is serious about ceasing to do what is in its own interests, the social upheavals will be worse later.

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  • I do hope Trump can be trusted to act on his words.

    • AmicusC

      seconded, but with him at least there’s a chance. cant say that about any other candidate on either side.

    • Jabberwokk

      Hope? HOPE! What have you done with BCF you fraud!?!?

    • john700

      First of all, I am still not convinced that he is not a Clinton plant, infiltrated in the GOP’s nomination process to help Hillary win the White House. I expect Trump to blow his campaign in Sept. and Oct. and lose to Hillary. Probably she promised him exclusive casino rights in Cuba or something.

      Reasons for suspicion: He is not articulate a defence of his good ideas, which would be very easy; he is not spending much money; the leftist media supported him from the beginning by broadcasting live most of his rallies.

      I hope I am very wrong.
      If Trump is for real, becomes President and he doesn’t do what he promised to do, his supporters should attack the White House and kill him. Seriously.

      • AmicusC

        if he is plant why would he have said she probably guilty get ag to investigate?

        • Minicapt

          To demonstrate he was a plant.


  • Thinking From First Principles

    I bought and read The Art of the Deal as a business book some time ago. You get to see who Trump is, how he was raised, how he was educated, and how he treats women, minorities, and basically all others well as humans … in a book written ~20 years ago, long before any political aspirations. He is a man of his word and will address these issues. But he is also intelligent and will get the best advisors around to learn the subjects making specific action plans. So the details in execution may be worked a bit, but the execution will happen.
    And … the election is OVER for GOPe. The Republican worker knows full well that they have been screwed by the GOPe. Disney workers required to train their overseas replacements or lose any severance?!?!? Enough is enough! The problem has not been the American worker. It has been the American owner/manager. Look at Toyota making perfectly good vehicles with American workers … by getting rid of American management. The GOP Donor Class must go go go go go go go!
    I want strong defense, encouragement of moral behavior, etc. And I also want tariffs on every import that equalize for the lack of environmental regulations, lack of healthcare, shanty town housing, etc. that are behind low wage countries.

    • Our Conservative party turned out to belittle different.

    • Xavier

      Donald Trump has fucked over and bankrupted more small businessman than anyone else in the history of creation. He is a treacherous, backstabbing, big government democrat without principles who is pursuing the presidency as a vanity project.

      Reap what ye sow.

      • Clink9

        I’d still take him over Obamy.

    • Minicapt

      Hmmm, DonJohn’s political aspirations were being mentioned in the 70s, 15 years before Tony Schwartz wrote the book for him.


  • Ron MacDonald

    When Thrump becomses president i hope he makes a point of playing hardball with the idiot we have for a prome minister.

    • Chris

      If he bothers to talk to him at all/

      • AmicusC

        their still going to want our sweet sweet maple syrup. plus he will want a treaty saying all the americans moving here aren’t allowed back.

    • So do I.