Where the Sidewalk Ends

‘…Politicians and assorted do-gooders demanded more money to “do something” about this allegedly metastasizing human mess.

And yet…

True, my own mother’s nickname for me was “Ming the Merciless.” In my defense, that congenital callousness is inescapably coexistent with my chronic bullshit allergy. That’s why something about all this abrupt, encircling, suffocating hype—besides the homeless themselves—reeked indeed.


Toronto has had it’s share of scammers… The Shaky Lady and the Sticker Lady

Toronto's Shakey Lady Scammer

  • simus1

    A scarcity of fake beggars in TO would leave the native brainless virtue signalers and touristy flush visitors with a empty feeling that would be hard to overcome.
    Feeding pigeons just doesn’t cut it.

  • I remember her – she used to sit at the downtown Bay/Bloor corner and she was a master of her craft. As far as I remember, she was a Slovakian gypsy. In Easter Europe many gypsies run informal schools where kids are taught to beg and pickpocket. Those trades are much more profitable than working at a minimum-wage job.

    I have noticed that Toronto has the fattest beggars I have ever seen, especially those operating in the downtown area.

  • Everyone Else


  • marty_p

    My favourite pan handler was the guy who used to play doorman at the Tim Hortons on Adelaide west of Bay in downtown Toronto. He would hold the door open for patrons and expected to be paid. The poor manager of the Timmies tried everything he could to get rid of the guy including leaving the door jammed open. In response the panhandler simply moved a couple of feet back and begged for change (regardless of the fact he was no longer earning his cash reward by holding the door for patrons).
    One winter day he tried to hit me up for some change with the plea that he needed money because he was “hungry”. I pointed to the Help Wanted sign in the Timmies window and advised him they were hiring …he would be fed and paid and that it was a Hell of a lot warmer on the other side of the glass…to which he replied that I should go forth and have sex with myself. He never asked me for money again.