Toronto Star publishes Op-ed by the Muslim Brotherhood front group formerly known as CAIR

This is why the MSM has to be treated as suspect.

CAIR wants you to call the call the Islamic State something else, I suspect they’re worried about trademarks and branding.

h/t MP

  • reidjr

    Also on The Star a women says her son is the only black kid in school and is the victim of racism but and this is key her son left practice early so he could go to a religious feast and the next day he was to full so the coach benched him now she is taking this to the human rights.

  • David Murrell

    A couple of months go the Star closed all of its comments sections. Now one can see why. The dreadful paper has to protect its Islamist-terrorist buddies.

    • It was cowardly. It was always fun to see articles savaged in the comments.

      • Gary

        Not sure if it’s just me but I’m officially fed-up with facebook because there are gutless bullies that hide behind a keyboard and try to censor your opinions or any photo that hurts their feelings.
        Certain minority groups can spew hate , make threats, support hamas, post propaganda based on LIES and Facebook does squat.
        It seems like the Campus fascists are now trying to control your thoughts off campus as well.

        The only good news about sharia law and ISIS supporters in Canada is that these minority groups will be among the first ones beheaded or tossed off a roof top as village idiots that have no place in the islamofascism .
        Can’t wait to see the face-off for islamists, feminists and gays when they all file a Human Rights Complaint against each other group .
        My bet is that the muslims will win since gays and feminists currently don’t strap on bombs to their women and children if their demands aren’t met .

        • reidjr

          I have been accused of racism on facebook for supporting Canadian values.

    • Ed

      I’d love to know how much their readership has dropped since they did this. Now preaching to an ever shrinking choir.

  • pdxnag

    Labeling? The United States of America with open borders/no borders becomes the so-called United States of America. My home is as ill-defined as the (so-called) Islamic State.

  • barryjr

    Just nuke the goat humpers and turn the whole region into a parking lot.

  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    ‘Besides, such terminology winds up impacting the millions of Muslim citizens who are just as horrified by these terrorists as anyone.’

    Spoiler Alert: None of these ‘millions of Muslim citizens’ are quoted in the op-ed piece. The only people the author quotes are kafirs and dhimmis like David Cameron.

    Sadly, but not surprisingly, the Star-n-Crescent prints at least a couple of pro-Islam columns/articles every week. It never fails.

    • marty_p

      My wife and I play a daily game of “Count the Mo’s” every morning when we read the Star and Crescent. I wonder if foreign readers of the Star have the impression that Toronto is 40% Black, 40% Muslim, 10% Aboriginal and 10% other …basing that on the focus of the Star articles and editorials.