The media is twisting the knife into Israel over the ‘lone wolf intifada’

Nearly five months have passed since the “Lone Wolves Intifada” began in Israel, characterised by near-daily stabbings, stonings and car-rammings. Palestinian terrorists have succeeded in killing nearly thirty Israelis and injuring countless others. As Israelis have confronted this violent upsurge, however, parts of the international media have been rubbing salt into the knife wounds. On too many occasions, headlines have appeared to totally ignore the acts of terrorism themselves, leading instead with the deaths of the terrorists neutralised in the course of committing these crimes – while presenting them, acontextually, as innocents rather than attempted murderers.

  • adam

    Any reporter who engages in what amounts to enemy propaganda should be expelled from the country immediately. I have no idea why the Israelis allow this to continue, but it’s really frustrating for supporters of Israel.

  • Everyone Else

    The knife intifada is jihad and should always be mentioned that way.