The endless merry-go-round of bad Veterans Admin bosses

From Daily Caller:

For an illustration of how VA recycles problem managers, consider Shirley Bealer. She was acting director of the Central Alabama VA hospital in 2008 when the department’s ethics watchdog determined that she “interfered with our investigation” into abuses by Robert Ratliff, the hospital’s permanent director. Because he was under investigation for his actions at Central, the VA had made Ratliff “interim director” of a neighboring hospital, leading to Bealer’s promotion.

It’s not surprising that Bealer disappeared from Alabama soon after she was faulted for “grossly inappropriate” obstruction of a misconduct investigation. But she wasn’t gone from VA. A sunny news brief on a local news website in Shreveport, Louisiana, in 2011 noted that the city’s problem-plagued VA hospital was turning over a new leaf with the infusion of some fresh blood at the top: Shirley Bealer.

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Reality check: Veterans were a slam dunk for the abuse because they were old-fashioned honor-and-loyalty types in a world that considers such attitudes evil, as well as retarded.

Don’t overlook the possibility that permanent progressive government will lead us there in Canada, too.

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