Not attending Scalia funeral “demeans” Obama’s office?

From radio host Derek Hunter:

A stalwart conservative justice of the Supreme Court dies in office, and even though every time in American history a sitting Supreme Court justice died in office the president attended the funeral, Barack Obama can’t be bothered. He’s sending the vice president.

This petty public refusal has lowered the bar of the Civil Society.

And the post-employment society loves it! Watch the half time shows …

If Obama spit on Scalia’s grave, many would cheer. They love the idea that there is no decency they must respect, and leaders who behave that way are a role model for them.

President Obama did not like Antonin Scalia because President Obama doesn’t like anyone who disagrees with him. Considering how rarely he bothers speaking with members of Congress, he doesn’t even seem to like people who do agree with him. He has his world and his worldview and nothing, not even duty, is going to penetrate that bubble.

For all the talk of bipartisanship, he doesn’t have decency in him. For all the complaints of partisan rancor, he doesn’t have it in him to rise above it for even a few hours. Either he either thinks he’s above the job, or the job bores him.

That makes him cool.

A man who gets bored during the raid to kill Osama bin Laden to the point he leaves the room to play cards with an employee has no interest in the dignity of the office. More.

Because no dignity is wanted anymore.

Grovelling to the latest PC fad is wanted, and failure to grovel will be incraingly savagely punished. Ut the very concept of dignity belongs to abygone era in which people wre defined by their poition, their work, and their commitments, not their self-chosen identity, their victimhood, and their entitlements.

Reality check: There is no such thing as demeaning the office of the US president. Clinton 1 settled that, and if elected, Clinton 2 will certainly nail it. Trump won’t help much, but he could not make it worse.

More to the point, the growing numbers of EBT card voters actually can’t afford to care. The Constitution, which Scalia virtually represented, is not and cannot be nearly as important to them as the latest round of new entitlements.

Constitutions are for free people, not people who need the government to provide them with the necessities of life. The ones to feel sorry for are the remaining workers, thinkers, and independents, most of whom do not by definition belong to groups protected by victimcrats.

See also: Big progressive government doesn’t need the unemployed working classes any more. It needs unemployable dependents for their votes.