Muslima who attacked partying daughter with meat cleaver sentenced to 3 yrs

Johra Kaleki was found guilty in March 2015 of attempted murder in the 2010 attack of her then 19-year-old offspring.

Quebec court Judge Yves Paradis sentenced Kaleki on Tuesday and described her act as a serious crime that could have been fatal had her husband not intervened.

The 44-year-old Afghan-born mother of four was incensed at her daughter and said she’d disrespected the family by staying out.

  • Kelly

    YAY…lets bring more to the states, right?

  • Canadian

    Her HUSBAND intervened???
    Now that is a new twist to islam.

    • David Murrell


      • Raymond Hietapakka

        …probably cold-cocked BOTH of them…for disturbing his dining on a bowl of boiled offal..

  • Gary

    The 4 women murdered under Sharia law for NOT wearing the hijabs were from Afghanistan and we took the whole family in to give them a better life thanks to Chretien who was the dolt that bailed out Daddy dearest Khadr from a Prison for jihad terrorism and now his Son Omar has been caught going back to Contacting Al-Qaeda.
    Omar’s lawyer Mr.Edney was played for the leftist brain-dead suckers when he fell for Omar’s sob story and saw little Omar as a innocent child corrupted by his family. The same family he now is in contact with via his iPhone that are know as the Al-Qaeda family.
    The idiots at the CBC and STAR still haven’t reported on this and are too stupid to connect the dots for why Omars family fled Canada once he came here . The same CBC was too stupid to ask why Maher Arar and his family Fled Canada prior to getting in trouble in Tunisia while living with pro-hamas relatives .
    The NDP and CBC were also played for suckers when Arar’s wife lied about him being tortured in his homeland of Syria. The Inquiry was a farce based on Extortion for a $400,000,000.00 Lawfare suit linked to Sheema Khan and the hamas-funding CAIR to lie under oath and Aid in getting the Arar’s $10.2 million to STFU and go away.
    CAIR was also tied to the Khadr’s Imam that said that he tells young muslims to stay in canada do do Jihad terrorism and kill Canadians here instead of going to Afghanistan. Somehow the RCMP and CSIS don’t give damn hat an radical pro-jihad Imam stated this on the CBC , yet they keep claiming they need more money to track down Terrorist or pro-jihad Muslims.

  • simus1

    The old straight up “A djinn made me do it” defense would have been a better strategy. Toss in a couple of “interesting imams” too.

  • Barrington Minge

    3 years!..3 YEARS?..should have been 30 years minimum.

    • Clausewitz

      To the judge a 3 year sentence makes since. Don’t want to have her knifing arm deteriorate to the point where she can’t use it during the next family reunion.

      • David Murrell

        Indeed. And a 3-year-sentence translates into 9 months in actual jail time. A tough sentence for an attempted murderer these days. But then sgain, the mother believes in honour killing. Can’t punish that, can we?

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …muzzle’ems..up-tight and stabby…