Stat Crimes Matter – How researchers try to obscure the existence of the Ferguson effect

A group of criminologists has purported to answer the question: “Was there a Ferguson effect on crime rates in large U.S. cities?” The “Ferguson effect” refers to the phenomenon of police officers backing off from proactive policing in response to the anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement, with a resulting rise in violent crime. The criminologists answer their own question with a minutely qualified “No.” In fact, their analysis resoundingly confirms the existence of the Ferguson effect.

  • Martin B

    Criminologists these days never let the study of crime get in the way of Social Justice.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Let them eat each other. If we ignore them then they will for the most part ignore us.

  • Everyone Else

    The secret powers behind BLM (eg. CAIR) want civil disorder to destroy the miserable USA house from within.