How academia whitewashes Muslim honor killings

The whitewashing of Muslim honor killings in America has seeped into academia. And the PC police have found a new scapegoat: Hindu Americans.

In January, the Journal of Family Violence published “An Exploratory Study of Honor Crimes in the United States” by Brittany E. Hayes, Joshua D. Froelich and Steven M. Chermak. It was an act of cowardice as well as a shoddy piece of research. It broke absolutely no new ground, either theoretically or statistically, and is so “politically correct” that it completely misses an entire forest for a tree.

The study’s first error consists of comparing violence against women in general with femicide. Being battered is not the same as being murdered.

  • reidjr

    Ottawa seems to have a policy that they won’t use the word honour crime when every something happens in heavy muslims areas all they say is we think its assult.

    • Same with London Ontario’s police. Bad for “community cohesion.”

  • roccolore

    Academia bans critics of honor killings. And they don’t want to talk about the one in San Diego that was blamed on “Islamophobia.”

  • Gary

    The Toronto Police have been covering up Honour killings for at least a decade, plus I never understood why they refused to enforce the Federal Laws during the PRIDE parade dealing with overt nudity in public around children .
    But then it hit me , McGuinty and Wynne condoned the child abuse and quasi-pedophilia for the gay votes plus Chief Blair is now a Liberal MP gorging at the public trough one more time .
    Justin’s Liberals support the child-bride pedophilia within islam and now he’s going to be the 1st PM to march in PRIDE this summer.
    Oddly though, Rob Ford was bashed as the homophobe by Sun Anne Levy and Susan G Cole but according to the STAR they reported when Wynne was the 1st Premier in PRIDE and now Justin as the PM.
    Ergo, McGuinty , Martin and Chretien hate queers and are homophobic bigots that refused to march in PRIDE just as Rob Ford did by FORD was the homophobe.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Every honor killing is one fewer jihadi spewing uterus. Carry on.