‘Disturbing evidence’ that Kurds are coordinating with Syrian regime and Russia – UK Foreign Secretary

Britain has seen “disturbing evidence” that Kurdish forces are coordinating with the Syrian regime and the Russian air force, the Foreign Secretary has said.

The Kurdish YPG, which has become the West’s main ground force against Isil, has taken advantage of a massive regime offensive in north Syria to seize territory of its own from US-backed rebels, effectively leaving Washington in a proxy war with itself.

“What we have seen over the last weeks is very disturbing evidence of coordination between Syrian Kurdish forces, the Syrian regime and the Russian air force which are making us distinctly uneasy about the Kurds’ role in all of this,” Philip Hammond told Parliament on Tuesday.

  • john s

    Hardly surprI sing. They want a deal and they think assad will win. The alternative is to side with the west who allow turkey to bomb them and who, they know will leave them to ISIS or AL nara when they lose interest.

    • That seems entirely plausible. There is no such thing as a reliable ally in the ME.

      • African

        O yeah there is. It is the Syrian Army of Bashar Assad and his allies. These are the only moderate forces on the ground.

  • Ho Hum

    Why is this “disturbing”. I would hope the Kurds are teaming up with the Russians and the Syrian army to take out Islamist rebel groups including the jihadists supported by Obama and the Arab Gulf States.

    • Oracle9

      Exactly! Seems no one puts two and two together, and would prefer Assad deposed to create a hellish power vacuum similar to Libya.

  • T.C.

    Once upon a time, a long time ago, the U.S. set up a no-fly zone to protect Kurds from the progenitors of the Islamic State. That would be the sunni-backed dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, Barry’s namesake. Then O’bumbles came along and decreed that the Kurds should lose their no-fly zone. The Kurds are still trying to get it back. How much history does this idiot limey know?

    • Minicapt

      No, try reading some History.


      • T.C.

        Which part are you saying “no” to?
        There was no U.S. No-fly zone?
        There was no sunni-backing of Hussein?
        That Barry is not called Hussein?
        That the Kurds (were) are not trying to gain (air) space for security?
        That this guy doesn’t read history?
        Or are you saying it wasn’t Barry that discontinued the no-fly zone? In which case you would be right. But Barry withdrawning the yanks had a far greater impact than withdrawing any no-fly zone, don’t you think? He kind of like a ensured that there would never, ever be a no-fly zone for the Kurds in the future?
        Or are you just saying no?

        • Minicapt

          First, the no-fly zones were ended in March 2003 when Saddam lost the Iraq War. Work from there.


  • simus1

    Coaching big shot Brit pols until they can give a decent impression of having a death grip on the obvious when it comes to the antics “of lesser breeds without the law” must be soul destroying.

  • vimy

    its disturbing to them because they still want Assad gone

  • luna

    Only disturbing to Sunni Islamists.

  • Millie_Woods

    The Brits really shouldn’t worry about the Russians and Kurds. Thave enough of their own problems to fix.