CSIS using new powers to disrupt terrorists since Bill C-51 became law

Michel Coulombe, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told a Commons committee today that Canada’s spy agency has used new disruption powers it was granted when Bill C-51 became law this past summer.

This marks the first time CSIS has publicly acknowledged the use of its new powers under the Anti-terrorism Act to disrupt suspected plots rather than just relay information about those plots to the federal government and the RCMP

  • The problem with any Legislation granting intelligence agencies extended powers is that it’s a two-edged sword — it depends on the Government in power and its political priorities. Under Harper I think our intel people behaved themselves — they targeted genuine terrorists, hence these powers were not abused.

    But I remember having doubts about certain aspects of C-51 at the time precisely because for example: “what happens if Conservatives lose the next election and a nut job Left-wing Government takes the reigns?” Well that’s precisely what happened, and we don’t know how the Liberals may influence the use of these powers to go after innocent people such as conservatives, Christians, and libertarians who are simply don’t fit the mold of contemporary Liberal ideology — an ideology that is practically indistinguishable from the the far left and fascist Marxism. We know that the far Left is already in bed with Islamism, sharia law, and consistently ignores Islamic violence diverting attention instead to a non-existent “backlash”, turning Muslims in general into false victims.

    Liberal Governments in the past under much less radical left leaders such Chretien and Martin have misdirected our intelligence resources to target law-abiding citizens — we can only expect worse under whack jobs like Justin.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    ….60 mustards on their Watch List, plus the 6,000 atheist and xTian Canadians who’ve expressed mistrust and disgust with the iSlammers….