Common Core ended Bush dynasty?

From Phyllis Schlafly:

When the failure of No Child Left Behind became too obvious to ignore, the same failed ideas were repackaged by the National Governors Association under the label Common Core. Although the NGA is a private, corporate-funded lobbying organization with no power over public schools, the Common Core was quickly adopted by 46 states and the publishing industry rolled out new textbooks supposedly “aligned” to the Common Core.

The Common Core was promoted heavily by Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education, which received large gifts from charities controlled by Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, and Pearson PLC, the world’s largest textbook publisher.

As Common Core became toxic, Jeb Bush made a too-little, too-late attempt to rebrand the same ideas under a new name. Last month, he issued a new education position paper described as “a blueprint for a 21st century American education system” which he said was “the great civil rights challenge of our time.”

Putting education reform under the mantle of “civil rights” was the tip-off that federal control would continue in any Jeb Bush administration. Once something is declared to be a matter of “civil rights,” states aren’t allowed to experiment or deviate from uniform rules enforced by the federal government.More.

Reality check: Another installment of the Bush dynasty would just guarantee more tax-funded feeder schools for prisons, welfare offices, and We’ll Fix U. Conservatives make the worst liberals in the universe.

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