Top Khmer Rouge leader tells court he was Social Justice Warrior!

PHNOM PENH: One of the Khmer Rouge’s top surviving leaders on Wednesday (Feb 18) challenged his life sentence for crimes against humanity and said he had only fought for “social justice” in Cambodia, in rare comments made to a UN-backed court.

The brutal regime’s former head of state Khieu Samphan, 84, raised his voice to a chamber in Phnom Penh that will decide whether to accept an appeal on the guilty verdict handed down to him and another senior leader, 89-year-old Nuon Chea.

The men were convicted of committing crimes against humanity in 2014 for their pivotal role in the communist government that oversaw the deaths of up to two million Cambodians from 1975-1979 – nearly one-quarter of the population.  h/t MB

Social Justice Killing Fields In Cambodia

Social Justice Killing Fields In Cambodia

  • dance…dancetotheradio


    • But he’s an expert on SJW’s I’ll grant him that.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Even the picture of those many skulls cheapens human life.
        Each one was a person with dreams and desires.
        It’s fucking horrible.

  • Collectivists always have an excuse.

  • I’ve been to Cambodia and seen such a memorial with skulls in it.

    I remember in the later seventies, when the Khmer Rouge emptied Phnom Penh and sent its population out to work camps, the figure touted was some two million dead.

    Two million murdered. Social justice?

    • Kaye1992

      Human capacity for evil appears to be limitless and seems to particularly thrive under the utopian (dystopian?) ideals of socialism. Only Islam has racked up a higher kill count than socialism over the centuries.

      • That would be including both National Socialism and Communism, of course, and sundry other denominations.

    • I think the original murder estimate in Kampuchea was three million. Then it was bumped down to two and half, then two million. Left journalists did the same thing with the tens of millions in the former USSR (originally up to 100 million or more), and likewise with China (up to 100 million) and have consistently bumped the figures down, little by little over the years. If that sounds high on a per capita/pop. basis, we have to remember that we’re talking about cumulative numbers over the course of some 50-70 years.

      Problem is there has been no formal forensic investigation performed in any of these places to justify bumping down any of the original estimates (there was a limited investigation in the former USSR in the early ’90’s — I remember forensic anthropologists from Canada were part of the team, but they only scratched the surface and we heard nothing more about it after that).

      Hence, I prefer to stick with original estimates until the forensics are exhaustive — I don’t trust the Left Media.

      • I agree. The figures have been bumped down over the years. There are also attempts to bump down the six million figure for the Jewish holocaust.

        • Worse than that there’s this thing called “holocaust denial”, where people have claimed that the holocaust didn’t happen at all. Hard to wrap your head around, since the Nazis documented the thing themselves, filmed it, etc.

          A former in-law of mine was a holocaust denier — he once told me that he would fly the Nazi swastika on a flagpole over his property if he thought he could get away with it. He was an incredibly ignorant person and he could never explain why he hated the Jewish people — to my knowledge he had never experienced injustice from a Jewish person. It was an irrational hatred.

          During the Soviet invasion of Hungary he fled his native country and had an out-of-wedlock son born in Germany. He never knew his son because he left Germany before he was born and later immigrated to Canada (at least that was his story). Decades later he tracked down his German-born son and when his son came to Canada we were all happy for the first-time reunion. All was forgiven and father and son had a good relationship. The son was overjoyed to have a father for the first time — he was raised by his single mother alone his entire life.

          But the happiness didn’t last long — when the father started to talk to his son about Nazism he realized that his German-born son was vehemently opposed to Nazism. They had a serious falling-out over the issue and never spoke again. His long-lost son had returned to Germany by this point, alienated from his father, after which he apparently died of a sudden heart attack at an early age (in his 40’s).

          I’m not sure why I’m recounting the story, apart from the fact that Nazism has continued to wreak havoc in people’s lives many years after its defeat.

          • I’m sorry to say that antisemitism is very deeply ingrained in the Hungarian psyche from way back, for some incomprehensible reason(s). This is not one individual’s ailment, and has nothing to do with Nazism. I’ve known many Hungarian Jews, and they all confirm this, up to this day. I’ve just finished reading a book by a Hungarian Jews settled in France, one Adam Biro, in which the author reflects on this mystery.

          • It is strange. Due to his influence two male family members were not circumcised as infants. Not that it was important to us from a religious point of view (no one in the family is Jewish) but it was a routine medical procedure for hygiene purposes, etc.

            I got hoodwinked into foregoing the procedure for the two male infants, and it angers me now to realize that it was because we were manipulated by the anti-Semitic in-law. I later found out his reasoning: “Secret police can pull down your pants to check for circumcision and see if you are Jewish — you don’t want them to think you are Jewish”.

            Maybe he experienced some sort of trauma like that during his youth in Hungary, either under the Nazi occupation or the Soviet occupation. But it still angers me to be manipulated, and it seems a stupid reason anyway. If somebody wants to mistake me for a Jew I have no problem with it!

          • A great many non-Jewish Americans have been circumcised in modern times. Routinely, as you said. So having been circumcised does not prove a person Jewish. Don’t attach importance to this episode, anyway.

          • I would say the majority — in fact it is rather rare to encounter someone who hasn’t been circumcised. Certainly in my lifetime. The importance for me has nothing to do with Judaism, it has to do with the fact that it is a part of my own family tradition and I was hoodwinked by an anti-Semitic bigot.

          • 🙂

  • simus1

    Ahead of their time.
    Today’s leftist elites could learn the answers to many of their most pressing questions if they were just coming into their prime now.

  • Ron MacDonald

    And those they meted out justice to were on the wrong side of the social scale.

  • Martin B

    Never have any doubts about what SJWs have in mind for us.

  • David Murrell

    The Cambodian genocide is important to me, since it converted me from a 1960s leftist into a small-c anti-communist conservative. What is interesting is that, according to a Commentary magazine article, is that the liberal media cartel censored the story well after 1975 (when the genocide got started). Even to this day the media cartel tend to ignore the genocide. Hollywood barely knows about it.

  • Denis

    here in Canada the Turdoe lieberals would free him and give him a full pension with benefits!

  • He would be a university professor elsewhere.