So why is Morgan Freeman in every damn movie?

OMG! Damning report accuses movie industry of being a ‘straight, white, boy’s club’

Jennifer Lawrence

Article provides suitable cover for gratuitous Jennifer Lawrence pic

  • Wow. Some chick!

  • Xavier

    Why are movies written to appeal to straight white males?
    R: Because straight white males have money to spend on movies.
    L: Then take it from them and give it to some minorities!

    And so it was.

  • Xavier

    “This year’s Negro Appeasement Award goes to…”

  • reidjr

    While is there not boycott of black awards shows that say this is diversity really 100% black is diversity.

  • canminuteman

    When blacks create studios, and blacks decide they want to produce movies,and get people to put up the money for their movie projects they can hire whoever they want to be in those movies. And it does happen (eg Spike Lee). Just because it doesn’t happen as much as some people would like it to happen, doesn’t mean anyone is stopping anyone from doing it. We live in free country., blacks can do whatever they want.

    • AmicusC

      but its so much easier to be a whiny female dog and destroy everyone elses accomplishments rather then actually doing something yourself.

  • AmicusC

    I thought she was against photoshop? I guess only when it isn’t her pics getting touched up

  • Al_the_Fish

    You can’t swing a dead cat in a movie theatre without hitting a movie poster that has Morgan Freeman or Tommy Lee Jones on it. They control the industry.
    And can I request Scarlett Johansson for your next Hollywood article please.

  • Edubeat

    I’ll trade you 1.0 Premier Wynnebag and 1.0. Her spouse for 1.0 Jennifer Lawrence and I’ll throw in an xtra large container of Mrs. Whytes’ Kosher Dill pickles

  • Everyone Else

    I was in a screenwriting forum a few years ago where some of the writers were claiming that studios were always shoving in Whoopi Goldberg in place of the characters they had written.