Dealing with Lunatic Politics

In his provocative article in the Wall Street Journal of February 17, 2016, Joseph Epstein, referring to current presidential candidates, ridiculed the “lunatic politics” of people with only one idea and one idea only, a phrase he took from a poem by Wallace Stevens. Such lunatic politics purports to make life simple: all other ideas or rational analysis are irrelevant to understand complex ideas.

This may be a harsh and incomplete assessment of presidential candidates, but it is perfectly applicable to those who are anti-Semitic and call for the elimination of the State of Israel and the destruction of the Jewish people, either by violent action or by using boycott, divestment, and sanctions as a starting point. They live in a fantasy world, in which stereotypes of Jews with long noses and demonization of Israel as imperialist, colonialist, racist nation take center stage.

  • Brett_McS

    “This may be a harsh and incomplete assessment of presidential candidates…”. Trump v Clinton? Harsh, but fair.

    • Dorothy Ellsworth

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  • Xavier

    Extend this beyond the article’s anti-Semitic criticism…

    The left is the Party of Or. They like Hillary because she’s a woman OR because she’s a Clinton OR because of her experience. They like Bernie because he’s a Socialist OR because he’s going to give them Free Shit OR because he’s going to screw the evil rich. The political-media machine encourages this to make it easy for candidates to pander to and control small special interest groups, and voters only need to consider a single issue that resonates with them. It is the politics of division; it uses peer pressure and tribalism to motivate voters, and it’s effective.

    Next: The party of And, and how they lost control of the narrative.

    But first, breakfast.

  • John

    Yesterday McGill University adopted a motion in favor of the BDS movement. It’s now right up there with York U. in terms of anti-Semitism.