Brit member of Jihadi John’s ISIS execution gang The Beatles is grandson of trombonist from The Specials

Rico RodriguezOne of the British jihadis dubbed ‘The Beatles’ is the grandson of the trombonist from legendary ska band The Specials, it has emerged.

Aine Davis, an Islamic extremist from West London who is now in jail in Turkey after being caught fighting with ISIS, is descended from trombonist Rico Rodriguez.

The Jamaican musician, who died last year aged 80, was a member of The Specials in the 1970s and played on hits including A Message to You, Rudy.

  • Rick McGinnis

    So the grandfather was part of a movement that preached tolerance and racial harmony and his grandson joins a group committed to murder, rape and violence. Tell me again how we pass our values down to our children?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      It’s sad that Rock Against Racism and the Two Tone movements have failed.

    • He must have missed Message to Rudy.

    • Yep, and grandpa’s “A Message to You Rudy” lyrics:

      “Stop your foolin’ around, better think of your future, or you else you’ll wind up in jail.”

      A moral value — the difference between right and wrong.

      We did pass down our values to our children. But Government intervened, removed parental authority, and politically indoctrinated them with anti-moral Marxism which merges quite nicely with psychopathic Islam. I won’t be satisfied until I see at least one Left-wing politician publicly lynched by a mob of enraged citizens, to put the fear of God back into the rest of the politicians.

  • Reader