29% Of Ontario Residents Certifiably Insane

Only 29% of Ontarians think Kathleen Wynne is doing a good job: Poll

The Robber Class Public Service Unions will see to it that Wynne is re-elected.

  • Martin B

    Mr Ed belongs with Hugo Chavez and Mutti Merkel in a gallery of 21st century despots in a House of Horrors wax museum somewhere. Tourists will shudder and wonder at what the people of Ontario let her do to this province.

  • Ron MacDonald

    All she needs is the GTA and the Ottawa valley to win; it’s time to split Ontario into several provinces.

  • Kaye1992

    What percentage of Ontarians work for the provincial government? Then add in those who work for the feds. Throw in the huge number on welfare or disability (many of them religion of peace enthusiasts) and who are therefore directly dependent on the government for their meals, and what percentage of the population is not essentially bought and paid for?

    Twenty nine percent is probably about as low as her popularity can reasonably be expected to go in the wonderful bankrupt, Statist paradise of Ontario. And that 29% are not insane – they’re simply pragmatic government dependents.

  • Gary

    The vast majority of the poor along with the victims of suicide once Wynne ruins Ontario to be a 3rd world hell hole will be heterosexuals .
    The Diversity policy has gone into overdrive for gays and the proof is when anyone goes to the Government service or looks at the TTC , Toronto Police or CUPE 416 .
    The Ontario Government has grown by about 30% while the Province only grew by about 9%. They were forced to meet their own Laws for Diversity Quotas but as the economy slowed down and Automation took over…. Liberal’s knew that the Public Unions would not tolerate lay-off’s so they went on a hiring spree for Minorities and have created faux jobs at close to $50,000.00 a year.

    With 1,000,000 employees in the Ontario government Unions as voters, this ponze scheme will keep going until it implodes to make everyone poor .

  • mauser 98

    Premier Strapon today opened her yap about return of photo radar scam
    Big Dyke said she is non committal.
    this means Ontario drivers will be sodomized , left dead in ditch