This is your subway ride in Sweden…

Sweden Subway“Many have reacted to the now regular sight of police patrolling the subway armed with automatic weapons. But it is not about anything in particular happened, but about how authority adapts to the new Sweden.

…Meanwhile, says Patrik Engström, head of the border police at the national level, says that mass immigration from the third world is the biggest problem that the Swedish police have faced since World War II.”

NB – Google translate.

  • BradThomas

    Sweden, as I think Mark Steyn wrote somewhere, has taken the civilizational express checkout, and is at least a decade or two further down the Islam escalator than any other country. They are almost certainly past the point of no return.

    However, there is a silver lining (for non-Swedes!) in watching Sweden’s horrific (but fascinating) societal suicide. It provides other nations with clear insight into the steps they must take (and not take) to avoid a similar fate. The question is, will any countries pay attention and adjust their policies accordingly?

    • They are the canary in the coal mine, but apparently a willing canary.

      • BradThomas

        They are largely willing, and that is the part that intrigues/confuses me most. What is actually going on in their heads, what is motivating them? It certainly isn’t self-preservation.

        • mobuyus

          White liberal guilt on steroids would be my best guess.

          • DavidinNorthBurnaby

            Ding Ding Ding We have a winner. 🙂

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Canary in a coal mine was a good Police song.

    • Alain

      Canada clearly remains wilfully blind. In fact Canadian leftists would be more upset by the presence of guns than the Muslims attacking them.

    • This is really sad, because Swedes are actually quite nice people when you get to know them. Too nice, you might say.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        Nice guys finish last.

        • Alain

          The was certainly the case for Harper when it came to playing nice in politics.

    • Xavier

      As long as there’s a political benefit to ignoring the true nature of Islam, our leaders will welcome them.

  • Dana Garcia

    “Many have reacted to the now regular police patrols of the subway with automatic weapons.” — so everyone is carrying in Sweden now? Or a Google Translate aberration?

  • Why bother?

    Will the police shoot an “immigrant” who becomes too “friendly”?

    Another impotent display of mock force.

    • Clinton

      i suspect it’s not a display of force to keep a lid on crimes
      committed by immigrants so much as it’s a means to intimidate
      the native citizenry.

      The political elites are pushing for unrestricted immigration for
      a variety of selfish reasons– to depress wages, to expand the
      voter base for various parties, etc. But one of the more disturbing
      reasons, I believe, is because it engineers a crisis that the elites
      can use as a justification to erode freedoms for the general
      population. We are already seeing politicians pressing to abridge
      freedom of speech and to censor press and social media because
      of this crisis they’ve created. Law-abiding European citizens who
      assemble to demonstrate against these policies are being attacked
      and dispersed by the police. The unrest generated by this crisis
      is being used to both justify an expanded, more intrusive government
      and diminish the freedoms of the general population.

      Women who were sexually assaulted New Year’s eve in Cologne
      reported that when they approached police and described what had
      happened they were told “I’m sorry, but we can’t help you”. I think
      those Swedish police now on the subway are similarly there not
      to protect the citizenry, but to keep them in line.

      • k1992

        It appears that they are leaving anyone who opposes mass Muslim immigration or, indeed, any governmental policy, a single viable response. Well, if that’s what they want ….

      • El Martyachi

        These elites have seemingly calculated that their newly minted subjects will obediently submit as the native population does.

      • Perhaps but there is not so much a population to keep in line as there is a population that needs reminding.

    • Yes, make believe. No will behind the show.

    • Millie_Woods

      Bus monitors with wooden bullets.

  • Imagine adopting dozens of poisonous snakes and letting them run around your home freely. Sure, you will need to watch where you step, and you won’t get much sleep at night.

    I guess the Swedes felt their life was a bit bland (yes, they really did), and they thought they’d spice it up a bit with some Eritreans and Afghans and Syrians. And sure enough, now they feel alive, with exciting dangers at every corner. No wonder they keep asking for more.

    • mobuyus

      I don’t know about the Swedes one of their traditional meals is some sort of fish that they can, and then bury and when the decomposition gas splits the can it’s ready for eating, what ever this is it should be fed in copious amounts to downtrodden “refugees”.

      • canminuteman
        • mobuyus

          Yikes! It’s worse than I thought. This would be great for newcomers to eat to fit in. But these newcomers will not eat anything that’s not been terrorized by muslim men before having it’s throat is slit.

  • pdxnag

    Will you accept Swedish asylum seekers from the Sweden now under assault by Islamists and their local Leftist allies? Perhaps, but only if they declare their opposition to Islamic conquest.

    • Xavier

      Female, Christian, non-voting, under 30 – fast track refugee status.

  • Brett_McS

    The Swedes are taking the same approach to this problem as they took toward their previous problem in WWII: Ignore it, hope someone else does something about it.

  • Millie_Woods

    ‘The biggest problem Swedish police have faced since WWII’.

    Ya, I imagine they had their hands full. They were in a desperate struggle to stay neutral. I don’t feel a bit sorry for the Sweeties.