Palestinians struggle to define those who attack Israelis

RAMALLAH, WEST BANK—The Israelis are clear. They call it “terrorism.” Yet after five months of near-daily attacks against Israelis, Palestinian society struggles with how to describe the wave of knife, gun and vehicular attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians.

Is it an “uprising” or “upheaval” or “awakening” — or personal “despair?” Are the assailants “martyrs” or “victims” or both? Are the teens wielding kitchen knives “heroes” or “children” — and after they are shot and killed by Israeli soldiers during their attacks, should they be celebrated as “warriors” for the Palestinian cause or pitied as unstable individuals who “snapped?”

If Palestinians on the street are uncertain what to call the ongoing violence, the Palestinian leadership appears paralyzed over word choices.

  • Alain

    The definition is clear: in Islam it is called jihad. Terrorism is just one of many tactics of jihad. Not difficult to define at all when one is honest.

    • Neither the Muslims nor the reporter had any desire to be honest, this was just a propaganda exercise to explain away the blood-lust central to Islam.

    • Waffle

      Honest??!!! Alain, in my naivete I once did business with a Palestinian. It was like trying to get one’s footing on shifting sand. I realized the futility (and utter stupidity) of the situation way too late. I had a breakdown and saw a shrink for years who told me I was suffering from PTSD. It is not possible to deal rationally with these people.

      • That’s one thing that always strikes me, trying to engage with Muslims. Their approach to truth is just different. I think Taqqiya is stressed too much when people talk about Islam. Deliberate, cold-blooded lying is rarely necessary because facts are presented in such a way as support the desired conclusions. People who cannot (in a face culture) admit fault, at the risk, really, of psychological disintegration, cannot acknowledge the existence of inconvenient information. Everything is spin, usually very inept spin.

        At least the subjects of the Soviet tyranny told bitter, knowing jokes. I’m convinced that most Muslims could never do that.

        • bob e

          on da’ money mizz Black_Mamba

        • BradThomas

          The parallels between Muslims and progressives have been noted by many – intolerance of other opinions, dislike, hatred even, of freedom. Maybe they have another thing in common.

          Progressives seem to prefer subjective interpretations of reality to objective ones; perhaps Muslims are into the subjective view as well. They believe that everything is Allah’s will and humans have no true agency, and therefore perhaps they perceive reality as nebulous and not well defined – since it could change at any moment, according to that sadistic deity’s particular whim. (Sheer speculation here ….)

          • It’s all got to have something to do with conspiracy theories, too. I mean, this stuff is really nuts. The second some piece of information they don’t want to process comes into evidence (I’m talking about commenters – and writers – on certain blogs, publications, debaters, apologists, plus the usual loonies on Twitter and Youtube), it’s a conspiracy. We only have a problem with Islam because our evil, Jew-controlled media lies to us about everything. Mossad pulled off 9/11. You know the drill.

            I mean, look, I think the media lies a lot too, but I don’t think it exists in some alternate dimension. I don’t think I’m Keanu Reeves.

          • BradThomas

            So do most of them really believe in those conspiracy theories or is it just a useful smokescreen for those who, for whatever reasons – maybe they’re just intellectually lazy – don’t want to engage their opponents? Probably both, I would guess.

            Speaking of Keanu Reeves, it seems to me that he has been more or less invisible for a decade or so. I wonder if he left acting, or maybe is living as a hermit in the mountains somewhere (he struck me as the intense type). I’ve always thought that if I could live another life, I’d like to live it looking like him. (Simple – non-gay – admiration from another male here.) Oh, and he was a decent actor too, if not outstanding ….

          • I think they believe them.

      • Miss Trixie

        *hugs* *mwah*

    • They are simply brainwashed into the fantasy world of Islamic theology.

      The scariest fact is that the majority of 1.6 billion Muslims art too.

  • Petrilia

    Jew Hatred. I have a very good feeling that once a very strong leader with balls is elected in the US, Donald Trump, this may fade away, not forever, but enough so these young savages might learn to be less savage. And that decent people in decent countries like the US and Canada NEVER have to deal with them. Wishful, I know

  • Millie_Woods

    When they’re talking among themselves, it’s ‘martyrs’. When they’re talking to the Israelis, it’s ‘victims’. When it’s for western consumption, they’re tragic figures who snapped because of the brutal Israeli occupation.

    I think the correct term is ‘dead’.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I call them losers.

  • Petrilia

    I M not happy. While dealing with a terminally ill patient friend, TOR STAR tells me theskids are good. No,:-)

  • JusticeVegas

    Like the Palestinians, the U.N. can’t even define terrorism. Birds of a feather…

  • Petrilia

    Child abuse.And no We don’t want them here. I think Europe has seen enough. I as a woman have seen enough.Little girls and little boys raped by so called Muslim migrants. What areYOU doing in Germany, Sweden? Weep and wail. Remember your heritage. We have Trump. Let your man or woman rise out of the swamp. Get up. GERMaNMEN.Stand up to protect your women. Swedish, Danish men protect your women.

    • bob e

      slowly but surely ..

  • bob e

    let these teen age clowns face any squad of hard core soldiers
    and see what dance they do .. as they clean the shyte outta’
    their pants ..

  • Ed

    In other news from Palestine, no one went to work.

  • marty_p

    The Palestinians are the authors of their own misfortune. They were offered >93% of what they claim they wanted and they walked away from the table. No compromise. They are like the 2 yr old child lying on the floor having a tantrum kicking and screaming or holding their breath till they turn blue. They can’t win for losing. Their “victimhood” is far surpassed by those in Iraq and Syria so they effectively lost much of the world’s attention (except for that of Roger Waters). So now the only alternative is to rattle the tin cup on the bars of their proverbial cage yelling “Don’t forget about me… I am suffering too …see!” Meanwhile Abbas (Arafat in a business suit) continues to line his pockets at his people’s expense and in Gaza the tunnelers continue to dig.
    It drives the Palestinians absolutely crazy that Israel has decided to move on and continues to flourish despite the Pali violence. And save for the university campus – BDS is a flop.

    • John

      Every time they look at Israel they are reminded of just how stupid, backward and worthless their entire society really is. The Palestinians….and many of those who support them…are a study in human idiocy.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Shoot them all.