Overnight Thread…

  • ontario john

    If anyone wonders why mainline churches are fast disappearing from religious life in Canada, all they have to do is read the Sunday Star. Yes, the Star celebrates the atheist minister at the united church in Toronto. The three times married feminist minister doesn’t believe in God and has changed song and worship at her huge 90 member church to reflect that. She doesn’t understand why anyone would be upset with her views since she claims a large number of her fellow united church ministers agree with her. And the Star celebrates the creation of the planet’s first aid agency the Red Cross/Red Crescent Society. Yes, according to the Star the Red Cross was the first organization to help people around the world. Forget about those Christian churches who did nothing.

    • Ugh.

    • All the major newspapers in Canada once had a religious section where columnists could expound on spiritual/ethical principles relevant to society. Naturally it was assumed that the writer at least believed in God — you can’t be a Marxist materialist and be expected to comment on spiritual principles if you don’t believe in the existence of the spirit world in the first place. What’s happening here is religious appropriation by atheists. How is that different from the official Media in the former Soviet Union and their writings on religion? It’s not — it’s identical. With the exception that in the case of the Star the Government is not forcing them to undermine religion — the Star does it voluntarily because they are anti-religious bigots.