My Monitor Died

And the site went down…

Right in the middle of making dinner.

A quick run to the store for a new monitor, got an Asus VP279 and I’m back in business.

Nice picture and at 27 inches it’s the largest screen real estate I have owned.

Had an old HP that just gave up the ghost.

Pip offered his expertise, as usual it involved getting in the way at critical junctures.

As for the site downtime looks like we were collateral damage in a larger war… “We had a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against a site in our US-East (Virginia) data center, which disrupted connectivity to servers in that data center. Our admins were able to isolate and contain the site being attacked, which restored connectivity to other sites in the data center.”

Dinner will be served shortly, a roast beast…

VP 279