My Monitor Died

And the site went down…

Right in the middle of making dinner.

A quick run to the store for a new monitor, got an Asus VP279 and I’m back in business.

Nice picture and at 27 inches it’s the largest screen real estate I have owned.

Had an old HP that just gave up the ghost.

Pip offered his expertise, as usual it involved getting in the way at critical junctures.

As for the site downtime looks like we were collateral damage in a larger war… “We had a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against a site in our US-East (Virginia) data center, which disrupted connectivity to servers in that data center. Our admins were able to isolate and contain the site being attacked, which restored connectivity to other sites in the data center.”

Dinner will be served shortly, a roast beast…

VP 279

  • Katyn

    Sweet monitor.

    • It is nice, not top of the line but the best I have ever had.

      • Xavier

        If you want to see how IPS color makes a difference, put in Lawrence of Arabia.

      • Katyn

        Mine’s a bit dated but they did build them to last back then.

        Very luggable.

        • My very first word processing course was on a computer like that. It was so long ago I’m not even sure what decade it was — mid ’70’s? The home PC wasn’t invented yet — this was hi-tech exclusively for educational institutions.

          Dual 180k single-sided 5 1/4 inch floppy drives — wow, talk about storage capacity (they hadn’t invented hard drives yet). Memory capacity — I can’t remember! — maybe 64k? Speed — irrelevant — they were for work processing using ASCII characters (no graphics)

          Please tell me I got this right. 😉

  • You’re inspiring me to finish rebuilding my desktop, which I’ve put off for months. 🙂

  • DonaldDouglas

    Sorry about the DDoS. The bastards are merciless!

    Yes, and sweet monitor. Makes it fun to blog!

  • canminuteman

    I hope it works for you. I had an ASUS laptop and it was crap. I got less than two years of life out of it. It went back on warranty after about six months because the monitor went dark, then a year or so later the hard drive died. Now I have a Dell, that so far has been good.

    • Interesting, I do hope the monitor holds up.

    • Waffle

      My old Dell laptop lived for almost 10 years.

      • luna
        • Waffle

          Nice!! I could do with that, but I just bought a new HP laptop in July. But you’re putting thoughts in my head.

        • Cool!

        • marty_p

          Once you get used to a double monitor setup – you can never go back. It makes working on documents/spreadsheets so much easier.
          Who would have thought about 27″ monitors … back in the day I was excited that I spent the extra money to go for the 15″ Maginnovision CRT vs. the 14″ when a buddy convinced me that since monitors will typically out last the computer – better to spend extra to get the better one due to its long life expectancy. (I spent close to $500 for that monitor with its Sony CRT tube – remember the faint line wire supporting the screen 1″ up from the bottom)… my buddy was right – I finally delivered it to the recycling depot it still worked fine when I got tired of looking at it in the corner of my basement collecting dust.

    • luna

      Review on Amazon sums it up: nice monitor, bad warranty.

    • Clausewitz

      Been running an ASUS motherboard on my desktop for four years. Upgraded to DDR 7 last year, and am looking to get about three to four more years out of it. Sometime shit breaks down. Never really have found a laptop that I’ve been happy with. Too restrictive in what you can put under the hood.

      • canminuteman

        I don’t use my computer for anything more than a web browser, like most people. I will never likely own a desk top again.

  • Brett_McS

    I bought a 27″ 2560×1440 Qnix monitor a few years ago. Absolutely brilliant. Qnix, I hear you ask? They re-package screens that the big boys (Samsung etc) reject for quality reasons (eg a dead pixel) and sell at less than half the price. Dammed if I can find a dead pixel or see any other defects, though.

  • Bataviawillem

    Roast beast?
    I stopped buying beast 2 months ago, just to expensive.
    We looked at some NY strip steak this morning, $13.- a pound. that’s just to much.
    I can afford it, but at a some point I just don’t buy it.

    • Believe me it was a Costco special.

      • Xavier

        Ah, those days of youth when I could eat red meat and drink beer. Then came The Gout, and she is a harsh mistress.

        • Bataviawillem

          I know here intimately, the pain is impossible to understand by non suffers, luckily it is self regulating, as soon as you can’t reach the fridge anymore, you are on your way to recovery.

  • lolwut?
  • Wil E Coyote

    Cats are always willing to volunteer expertise, I was about to use my ATV until I found it was being inspected by my resident experts.