Let’s Be Like France

Mark Lilla of Columbia University, one of the smarter liberals around whose writing I always try to take in, has a long essay in the current issue of the New York Review of Books (another pub we cover here at Power Line so that you don’t have to) on the topic of “France: Is There a Way Out?” Lilla lists the numerous small-scale terror incidents over that last year in addition to the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan massacres. And also what the French are doing about it.

  • luna

    Any stats on small scale incidents in the west?

    • Marilyn Brugger

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  • Heck, Pierre Trudeau put tanks in the streets during the FLQ crisis. It was mostly bombs in mail boxes, but when it escalated to kidnappings and people actually being killed, he didn’t hesitate albeit the death toll was hardly worth mentioning.

    I wonder what Justin would do if there were a Bataclan-type attack in Canada. I don’t think he would protect the general public with the military or conduct Nation-wide raids on Islamic extremists, this fool would probably conduct mass arrests of conservatives, Christians, and libertarians who are known to speak out against Islamic terrorism!

  • simus1

    People who can be satisfied by their politicians ordering thousands of troops to wander aimlessly about are sending a very profound but at the same time most unserious message.
    Someone opined the French have choice one of tolerating a low level festering insurgency costing them perhaps a few hundred victims per year to start with from slowly escalating muslim terrorism. Choice two would be a more dynamic effort, more along the lines of a minor civil war, a step up from Northern Ireland back in the day.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Just keep in mind that official editorial policy at NYRB is that if the Israelis did 10% of this the mag would immediately jump up and declare them all Nazi war criminals deserving of death.

  • Any solution, first, requires admitting Islamic theology is the REAL problem.