I learned a new word…

Driver handles stone throwing ‘Flanelinha’

Apparently the Driver refused to pay and the ‘Flanelinha’ got pissed and start throwing stones but this Driver wasn’t standing for it !

In almost all Brazilian cities, the flanelinha is a fixture. Flanelinha (which loosely translates as flannel man, as in the rag) is the demure name given to the “workers” who divide the streets among themselves and charge drivers to park. Their excuse is that they’re taking care of your car. If you don’t pay up, a flat tire or a big scratch can be expected.

  • tom_billesley

    It’s Brazil. I expected that he’d be shot.

    • The cops probably arrested the driver, but not the stone-thrower. Not proportional enough a reaction, in their view.

  • I’ve experienced this scam in some southern European locations.

    • tom_billesley

      I’ve experienced it in Dublin when there was a sports final.

  • Clink9

    Sounds great. We should let these guys host the Olympics some time.

  • It’s not unique to Brasil. All of Latin America has poor street children who roam the streets looking for ways to make a few pennies to bring home. One of the most popular ways is to offer to guard somebody’s vehicle. It can be a bit of an “extortion” because you don’t know if the kid is going to damage your car if you say “no”. But for the most part it’s innocuous — it’s only a few pennies and the kid will in fact stay there and watch your car for the entire day, nobody will touch it because the kid really needs those few pennies (you’re not expected to pay in advance).

    But that was “back in the day”. These don’t appear to be poor street children anymore, rather adult gangs clearly engaged in an extortion racket.

    • Xavier

      What type of tractor is that?

      • Massey-Harris.

        • Xavier

          I have some antique Farmalls.

          • Blast from the past. Very utilitarian. I had one like in the photo with a belt pulley on it. You could hook it up to a saw mill, potatoe belt, just about anything needing a power plant. Great for a small farm. I didn’t use it much except for scraping snow off the driveway. But it had a three-point hitch and it would actually pull a two furrow plough — powerful little beast for its size.

  • simus1

    -inha is a suffix denoting small in (Brasilian) Portugues.

    It seems likely that the flanelinha misunderstood the situation in some way.
    The way the car is parked at the end suggests the driver is packing.
    Probably a local gangster or undercover cop.

    • Could be. The aggressor was certainly impressed with the driver’s bold reaction.

  • Clausewitz

    Socialism at it’s best. Those Favelas need an income somehow.