‘f***ing Jew’

It turns out that as Sam and his girlfriend travelled the Northern Line on a lunchtime train, a complete stranger who appeared to be Muslim, began screaming at him for being Jewish. He also called Sam and his “people” murderers for killing “my people”.

  • Exile1981

    A muslim acting as per his religious requirements.

    • They grow bolder everyday.

      • john700

        “Why did nobody stand up for him?”
        Because if you stand up you might end up with a bunch of Muslims on the train attacking you. And we already know how violent they could be. The only way to fight this is to be more violent than they are.

      • Exile1981

        They know the police and the public cower in fear. So they have no worries of repercusions.

  • Waffle

    Strange story. First of all, Jews don’t usually wear items like yarmulkes as a political statement (“(Sam, though dressed in typical student jeans and sweatshirt combo, was clearly picked out since he happened to be wearing a skullcap – something, as a proud Jew, he insists on doing.)”).

    Is Sam orthodox? Orthodox Jews typically wear head covering 24/7. But the phrasing “as a proud Jew” suggests political rather than religious motives. As the situation in England and the European countries is increasingly precarious for Jews, most would choose an alternate form of head covering when going out in the larger community — i.e. a baseball cap. The yarmulke (kippah) is not a sacred artifact.

    On one hand, I don’t blame Sam for just wanting to live his life as a Brit Jew, but I can’t help wondering if journalist Mom put him up to it for the sake of a story. Sorry, but I guess that’s the cynic in me.

    • David

      Are you Jewish?

      • Waffle


      • Waffle

        Are you? Why would you ask? BTW, I have traced my heritage back through great grandfather (maternal side) to Kiev and only as far back as paternal grandfather — Romanian. Grandmother (maternal, Warsaw) was related to Cohen who was given the right to the name, shield, etc. of the Polish landowner (used to this day). Possible Sephardic roots — still exploring. Also, BTW, I’m retired but for fun I audit history courses through U of T’s Centre for Jewish Studies. For the past several years I have been exploring the situation of the Conversos and strive to make to make the challenges they faced relevant to today’s sensibilities. (I’m a writer and prone to procrastination)

  • Clausewitz

    I sometimes wear a star of David in support of a good friend of mine who was killed by a Palestinian terror bomb back in the 80’s while he served in the IDF. On several cases I have had some Islomonkey yell at me for being a Jew. I just say thanks for the complement and move on. Sometimes being a 6′ 2″ 225 pound former hockey enforcer has it’s perks.

  • Hard Little Machine

    What you do is you go over and you punch him in the mouth as hard as you can, one time.