Why is the West So Obsessed with Protecting the Territorial Integrity of Syria and Iraq?

This week, UK Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond asked, “Is Russia really committed to a peace process or is it using the peace process as a fig leaf to try to deliver some kind of military victory for Assad that creates an Alawite mini state in the north-west of Syria?”

Obviously, the Russians are not committed to the Syrian peace process and want an Alawite state. Their national interest is in keeping their client state, Syria, and the Russian bases within it, in existence. The Russians have little interest in a peace process to create a more democratic — and certainly Sunni Arab (74% of the population) dominated — Syria, where they would probably lose both their client and their bases. The easiest way for the Russians to do this now is to cut off the Alawite portions of the state and thereby create an Alawite majority/plurality state. 


  • dance…dancetotheradio

    ‘The Russians have little interest in a peace process to create a more democratic’
    not even possible to create a democratic muslim country.

  • canminuteman

    I don’t give a flying f$%k what happens to Syria

    • El Martyachi

      Neither do most reasonable Syrians..however few they may be. One time, at not-band camp, a guy I knew from Homs drew a map of how to fix the place along tribal lines. That was about a year before the war.

      • canminuteman

        Yeah it’s funny how the vast majority of the world isn’t into multiculturalism and pluralism and the enriching effects of living with people who hate them.

        • El Martyachi

          Multiculturalism AFAICT is destructive, incoherent, unworkable mush. Pluralism, OTOH is something that I’ve heard supported by people whose opinions I respect. Governments shouldn’t be dictating whether to intermarry or build fences anyway.

          The guy from Homs also told me that Bush Jr. was popular and, in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq invasion, were largely hoping the Americans would come through Syria and fix them up as well.

  • simus1

    The stupid Brit is ignoring the fact that turkey has much more ambitious plans for a vassal regime that will do its bidding in a “unified syria”. Plus a “pacified” northern iraq much more under its thumb.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I believe that this Western obsession with old, unworkable borders is aimed at keeping Israel from annexing the ancestral lands it captured during the Six Day War, and in particular, unifying Jerusalem as its capital, thus upsetting some theological apple carts.

  • pike bishop

    Those phony lines drawn on a map in Paris a hundred years ago need to be redrawn. Let the French & the British & the Russians & Turks redraw them with an eye to the present situation. Why should any North American die or even be put out over their failures from the last century or the century before that? I’m almost as pissed off at the EU as I am at the muslims. They will have every hand against them if they don’t get a handle on their shit.

  • Martin B

    Beats me. Islamic nations have no integrity by their very nature.

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