Muslims using strongarm tactics to take control at Maisonneuve College in Montreal

Note this article appears in La Presse, it is Google translated.

The CBC has a piece on the incidents at Maisonneuve, but a funny thing – they never mention “Muslims” or the fact one of the main protagonists is a Jihadi Wannabe…

Maisonneuve College was the scene of several sometimes violent incidents in recent months as groups of students seem to have taken control of some areas of the college where they rain or shine. Employees say they are intimidated. A battle was injured and forced the police to intervene.

One of the protagonists of this fight was among the group of ten young Montrealers  Muslims arrested last May at Montreal airport while trying to join the ranks of an Islamist terrorist group in Syria. The young man is a student of the college.

Recall that five Maisonneuve students have left Canada in January 2015 and were able to visit Syria and Iraq. Four (of the Muslim terrorist wannabes) including the one discussed in this article, were intercepted in May. Two others are behind bars awaiting trial for having explosives in their possession.

EXCLUSIVE Published February 19, 2016 The "student groups" have a proper floor ... (PHOTO EDWARD PLANT-FRÉCHETTE PRESS) Enlarge The "student groups" have appropriated a complete floor of the library Maisonneuve college, they intimidate and harass members of staff asking them to respect the rules and not make noise.

The “student groups” read “Muslims”, have appropriated a complete floor of the library Maisonneuve college, they intimidate and harass members of staff asking them to respect the rules and not make noise.

Battle and knife

It happened on December 7th. The Police Department of the City of Montreal has confirmed that its patrol intervened in the parking lot of the facility after a battle involving several people broke out.

The conflict broke out in the institution between a group of six students who were preparing an administration review in the library and a dozen other young people who, according to several employees and students monopolize this space daily. The boy  (Muslim terrorist wannabe) stopped by the RCMP at the airport in May was part of this second group.

According to our information, these are the comments on the noise introduced by a young woman trying to investigate who set fire to the powder. This was followed by a series of insults and insults between the two camps. Then students have come to blows, according to what we told a person involved in the incident who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals.

Students administration program then changed upstairs to continue studying. Members of the other group would have followed them, inviting them to “come out to see how they would handle this” and warning them that they would “pay” because they had “hit in their blood.”

When they left the school about thirty minutes later, they were met by several men they did not know, dressed in black, head covered with a hood. One of them pulled out a knife. Two students were severely beaten and ended up in hospital. Another managed to escape and call the police. The car of one of them was vandalized.

According to the person involved in that incident we spoke to, college security officers have told the victims that they “had problems with this group,” but they had their hands tied and could not intervene.

“They do not want to take sides. Meanwhile, it is as if we had not our place to CEGEP. ”

Intimidation at the library

Another worrying situation: “student groups” have appropriated a complete floor of the library, where they intimidate and harass members of staff asking them to respect the rules and not make noise.

The problem has become serious enough that the teachers union in general meeting adopts this week a resolution requiring management action. According to the resolution, that La Presse has obtained, the library employees are victims of “rudeness” and “harassment” almost daily. Students can practically no longer use the fifth floor of the library to work.

The union president, Benoît Lacoursière fact of threats. abettors of disorder “took pictures of cars for some employees and their license plate, he said. Employees are insulted and intimidated. They are struggling to close the evening. There is a lot of noise. People talk loudly. There partys food. ”

The Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications Acting Line Légaré, for his part said never to have heard of threats. It ensures that the College is already working to address what, she says, is mainly a noise problem. Committees have been set up for this purpose. The union support staff, representing librarians, confirms that management takes care of the problem.

The law of silence

At Maisonneuve, several employees and former employees of various departments accuse the direction to close his eyes. All those to whom La Presse spoke refused to have their names published for fear of losing their jobs. According to them, it shall multiply the watchwords not to speak publicly about the subject.

One teacher, whose remarks were supported by four other employees we spoke, bullies are always the same. They are known and in wide lead.

When asked about this, trade unions, student government and leadership are walking on eggshells.

“The problem is that there are students who trusted and that their complaints went unanswered,” says a member of the faculty.

It also accuses management of having let a group of students to pray to appropriate a space for “meditation, stress management and internalization for all.”

The place, called The Source, was built in 2012 in an unused stairwell. While at the beginning, people were reading it, there were yoga and there prayed side by side, several sources claim that those who are not Muslim have gradually ceased to feel for them and that the place has become a place only for prayer and even preaches.

The college has been terminated this project, “primarily for security reasons, because it is a fire escape where there were crowds,” says Line Légaré. According to our sources, mostly because it was concerned that it would take about the radicals safe from eavesdroppers.