“It’s a vanity project”: Liberals lied to Canadians — and to the “refugees” they promised to help

It’s called “Virtue signalling” 

Hard to know what to believe about the Liberal’s refugee rush other than, they’ll bring large numbers of Syrian refugees to Canada as fast as they can — to hell with whether it’s good for Canada, our local communities or the refugees themselves.

The more I find out about how they’re handling this file, the more convinced I am that it’s just about fulfilling an ill conceived election promise so they look good.

Yesterday, I reported the shocking revelation from Martin Bolduc of the Canada Border Services Agency who testified at the Commons Public Safety Committee that “very few” of the refugees we’ve brought over came from those “squalid” refugee camps we heard so much about.

  • Liberal Progressive

    How can you say such a thing! When has a Liberal every lied?

    • I must have lost my head momentarily!

    • k1962

      Jean Chretien and getting rid of the GST.

    • Clink9

      Exactly …. Every Liberal lied.

  • JoKeR

    He did say the shahada for all those in attendance to hear including the reporters, which was a clear public rejection of his Catholic faith.

    • He’s an idiot.

      • mobuyus

        He’s an idiots idiot.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        Idiots don’t like him because he gives idiots a bad name.

  • k1962

    If very few came from squalid refugee camps, they’re not going to be happy with what we are giving them. Fast forward 20 years and their kids will be in gangs and jails. Lucky us.

    • Or Jihadis.

    • H

      If they are fed up with their fate, I wonder if they’ll be smart enough to blame the Libs. Justin and co presumably think that they are importing votes for themselves (why else would they harm Canada by importing discord, violence and crime in this manner? It’s the “moral” thing to do? Yeah, right.)

      • mobuyus

        These migrants will not differentiate between liberal and conservative to them we are all filthy infidels.

      • k1962

        Because it’s 2016 :/

    • Waffle

      You know, I’ve been wondering for a long time now how many are really Syrian nationals. Nationality in the Middle East is a very fluid thing. As you probably know, there are vast numbers of Palestinians living in countries throughout the ME, including Syria, Lebanon and especially Jordan, just to name a few. How do we know that these people have not been prioritized to come to Canada? As non-nationals, they are discriminated against and are denied access to universities, etc. So, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to come to a country that offers to educate their children and give them citizenship?

      That’s just one aspect that is making my poor brain very tired. The other is the unseemly rush. You must know that the ME is a tinder box ready to explode at any moment and the really scary thing is that nuclear weapons will be involved. Connect the friggin’ dots, people!!

      The third thing, and this is much less clear, is the role of competing interests in the PMO. On one hand we have Sunni-allied Omar Alghabra and on the other, we have Shia-allied Sasha Trudeau. Mr. Butts, of course, leads the charge on the Agenda 21 front. How do they all fit together (if at all) in the Canadian context? The stock markets are the barometer of the world situation and I keep a daily watch on the extremely jittery scene (oil, gold, forex.

      So to sum up, the only thing I can think of to account for Canada’s mad rush to take in zillions of “Syrian refugees” (other than the legitimate ones we hear very little about) is the imminent threat of nuclear warfare.

      Perhaps someone else has an alternate view?

      • k1962

        I think Justin is just paying back his Muslim voters and importing more of them, otherwise, he would care about all of the other people in the world who are in dire straights and he doesn’t. He’s too dumb and just jumped on the Syrian bandwagon so as not to look bad. Kind of like why I think some Jewish organizations are sponsoring them. G-d forbid we look bad. People would think how could we complain about what has happened (or is happening) to us and not care about the Syrians (who were raised to hate us, so I don’t care about their situation one bit). The Ismaili’s out here in B.C. aren’t sponsoring any (last I heard) and it’s because they are smart. Why would they want to support people whose brethren blow up Shia mosques on a daily basis in Pakistan or support the Sunni side of the war in Syria? What is happening in Syria is a civil war and I feel no responsibility to help either side. They’re all bad.

    • Goody

      Actually aren’t they getting free education? They will be the Lawyers ,Judges and politicians of the future, ruling over us. Thats the muslim plan infiltrate from the inside and conquer

      • k1962

        Assuming they have the determination to actually work hard and go to university and get some degrees. I think a few might make it, but most won’t especially the ones that move here as teens. Also, in Europe, they seem to lord over the rest of the population while being on benefits.

  • huron

    I am staring to think this guy was not ready for this job

  • Ron MacDonald

    This explains why the American are pissed off.

  • Waffle

    Not just “virtue signalling” — that’s pap for the bleeding hearts crowd. Something else is going on. I for one, never forget that Alghabra, Butts and Sasha are writing the script. Deflection and takiya rule the day.

  • robins111

    That fool lies so much, he probably has to get somebody else to call his dog..

  • UCSPanther

    Justin Trudeau’s theme song:


  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    This guy’s old man treated Canada itself as a personal vanity project. Wait, Junior’s just getting started. 🙁

  • DMB
  • robins111

    Anyone want to make a guess on just how much cash the libs bribed the ‘poor poor refugees’ to load up and come to canada to try to fill the quota… with liberal brown paper bags of course..

    • mobuyus

      I believe brown paper bags are in fashion as head gear for Canadians that didn’t vote communist.