What was that about not casting stones? Pope heads home from Mexican trip and attack on Trump’s fence to the WALLED Vatican City

After warning Donald Trump that building a ‘huge wall’ on the Mexican border is ‘not Christian’, Pope Francis is returning home to Vatican City…. which is entirely surrounded by an enormous stone wall.

The Pope made a direct dig at The Donald before he left his week-long tour of Mexico today, telling his followers that the idea was ‘not in the gospel’.
However,Trump’s supporters were quick to point out the irony of the Pontiff’s words, as the Vatican is behind a walled enclave that sits within the city of Rome.

Taking to Twitter, the director of social media for his presidential campaign, Dan Scavino said: ‘Amazing comments from the Pope – considering Vatican City is 100% surrounded by massive walls’

  • Spatchcocked

    Poor dopey Pope.
    Steve Sailer on his blog explains the fatuity….the Muslims attacked Rome 850 AD so Pope Leo improved the walls and fortifications of the Vatican and Rome tremendously….
    Gee Francis….you look pretty stupid now……because you are really nothing more than a left wing agitator….

    • Interesting, I will look at his article.

    • Will Quest

      A barking socialist like pope Evita are generally lacking of any self-awareness

    • Gary

      How can a Pope not know that Jesus put a wall around Heaven that has a narrow gate to get in and must pass by him who will deny any man that claims to be a follower by deny Jesus on earth in public.
      The Pope seems to be making God’s realm in Paradise an open Borders refuge where everyone can get in which make having a faith pretty pointless along with making Muhammed come across as a mass murderer to instruct the current muslims to convert or slaughter the 6,000,000,000 non-muslim on Earth.

      The pope should do a Reagan and say ” Jesus….tear down that wall” .

      Justin and Dan McTeague have both denied Jesus in public during their visit to a Mosque to appease the muslims. What was so funny about the McTeague at the Pickering Sunni mosque , that was tied to the hamas funding CAIR , is that he was their right after a fake hate-crime where the mosque was damaged to play the victim in the media .
      The whole basis for the event was a Anti-hate and anti-racism gathering or all faith to promote Pluralism but Christians and Jews had to hear Imam’s and Cleric’s bash non-muslims and mock Jesus as the messiah.
      How typical for a Liberal catholic since Justin denied Jesus in that BC radical Mosque that is homophobic and misogynistic to condone killing gays and beating their wives.

      Muslim now know that Terrorism by their Brother’s works to get their way in the West via the gutless treasonous weasels that claim to be Catholics while worshipping Allah and muhammed.
      At least now I know that if I see McTeague having his head sawed off by hooded males praising alllah in Arabic ……. it’s his just desserts on earth for giving the scorpion a ride on his back across the river
      as a good catholic that saw the scorpion as peaceful up to him being stung .

  • AmicusC

    should also ask the pope what their policy is for visitors that over stay their welcome? last time I was there didn’t see a lot of people allowed to stay over night. in fact some people asked to leave as they closed their borders for the night.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The pope isn’t the first to throw stones at Trump from his glass house and won’t be the last. Trump now says that his words were distorted to the pope by the traveling media, prompting the outburst.

    • Trump still won. The Pope has very little influence because he has chosen not to be a defender but rather a submissive.

  • Spatchcocked

    A few days ago a commentator here wondered why Frank had nothing to say in Mexico about the rank corruption there and the fact 100000 people killed in drug wars there in 15 years..
    Surely that deserves a homily Frank ?

    • Not one he’ll deliver publicly.

    • Actually Papa Frankenstein did. I posted a link on an earlier post and there are plenty more. He also gave words of encouragement to the community vigilantes fighting the Cartels. Not an apologist for the guy, just the facts ma’am. Although I don’t recall him referring to the massive number of deaths in terms of numbers — a very “diplomatic” and restrained criticism.

      The previous visit of Pope Benedict to Mexico was publicly welcomed by the Cartels — especially the murderous Knights Templar Cartel who see themselves as medieval “Catholic Crusaders”. It’s quite bizarre — a sort of a narco-terrorist religious messianic cult according to reports. Really, look it up — Frankenstein also visited the heartland of the Knights Templar.

  • Dana Garcia

    Don’t forget about the pope’s private army — nice to have a military for a country of 109 acres.

    • Those Swiss Guards don’t work cheap either.

      • Dana Garcia

        I understand the Swiss Guards even have modern weapons, in addition to the charming medieval armor and spears.

  • Samuel

    The Vatican has a wall around it? They’re worse than Israel..

  • I built a bridge to the Ukraine, to drive my tanks over. It was the Christian thing to do.

  • Minicapt

    Some parts of the Vatican’s wall are 25′ high and date back before the 16th Century; other parts of the wall are of 20th Century origin, 1m high crowd barriers.


  • SMC_BC

    The Vatican isn’t completely surrounded by a wall. Look at a picture if you haven’t been there, Vatican City is wide open to anyone who wants to stroll down the Via della Conciliazione and into St. Peter’s Square.