Tough Questions for Islam

Bill Warner, PhD: Tough Questions for Islam

When people go to an event where they might be able to ask a question of a Muslim, what is the best way to ask?

I recommend a specific technique. Do not ask about the Koran. Do not ask about Islam, instead ask about Mohammed. State some idea from the Sunna (what Mohammed did or said) and then ask the Muslim a question about obeying that Sunna. Your goal is to educate the audience.

Here is an example: The Sunna of Mohammed includes wife beating, as does the Sharia. Do you agree that wife-beating is a good practice?
You will never get a straight answer, but the audience learns about Mohammed and Islamic doctrine from your question.

h/t Marvin

  • simus1

    The leftist dimwits think they will have enough smarts to control and manipulate muslim wreckers and killers for their own ends when their most favourable time for doing so comes. They have zero interest in complicating their scenario with facts or what-ifs about junior partners who might be a lot more intuitive about when is the
    best time to slash a few of their throats and take over..

  • pdxnag

    I had subscribed to Bill Warner’s channel. I did not yet get email alerting me to this new video. Now ain’t that odd. Shadow banning just like Twitter?

    • You never know, but check your spam folder.

      • pdxnag

        I just checked both my trash and spam folder for this gmail account. Not there either. I get email notices from my computer programming nerd howto video channels and the like.

  • Waffle

    Musical interlude: “Sorry you asked”

  • African

    Dr. Werner is one hell of a good man and his advice on this subject matter is the smartest and unparalleled anywhere in the world. But who is listening?????

    • Bataviawillem

      I am.

  • occupant 9

    Sharia law states that the testimony of a woman is worth half of that of a man. Do you agree with that?

  • Liberal Progressive

    Is he saying that Muslims don’t think just like us Christians and Jews in North America, in believing in freedom, freedom of speech, the rule of secular law, respect for others, secular schools and living by the Golden Rule?

    Is he sure? Justin Trudeau and all the members of his Liberal government say Muslims are exactly like us and there is nothing to worry about regardless of how many tens of thousands more they bring into Canada every years, so Dr. Warner must be wrong.

    Being a Canadian, perhaps Justin will have the Canadian Human Rights Commission investigate Bill Warner to correct his beliefs?