Salon: Hillary Clinton just can’t win

Salon: Hillary Clinton just can’t win: Democrats need to accept that only Bernie Sanders can defeat the GOP: Bernie Sanders will become our next president and it should come as no surprise to people actually paying attention

We’ve tended to focus here on the fact that the GOP do not represent the working American anymore.  They represent the big donors who will grow superrich on low paid immigrant labour, and then – after automation – decamp financially, leaving the burden for all others. (See, for example, the flawless ironing machine.)

But the Dems have troubles enough of their own:

After all, it’s difficult to trust a politician who completely fabricated a story about being fired upon by snipers. Like POLITIFACT states, “it’s hard to understand how she could err on something so significant as whether she did or didn’t dodge sniper bullets.”

71% of men and 64% of women find Clinton “not honest and trustworthy.”

True, and friends don’t say those things about friends. So …

Sanders doesn’t represent the working American either. He represents the junior jackboots of Asshat U (to whom he would give free tuition) and the growing number of people not really needed in the workforce, whose lives at present and for the foreseeable future must revolve around dependence on government, probably via the minder jobs that will sop up the asshats.

I forecast Sanders to win – given present data – because the numbers of these voters are growing, and the numbers of middle and working class Americans are shrinking. But we’ll see.