Prof. says he won’t be labeled as something ‘violent,’ so don’t call him white

During the Q&A of a book talk at the University of Virginia, when explaining why he won’t be called white, an American University professor said he won’t be labeled something “violent.”

Professor Salvador Vidal-Ortiz was describing a situation in which an African American student called him white, and said “I may be light-skinned and we can have a conversation about that…but I will not be labeled as something that I know is violent, um, while I recognize that for someone who’s African American, that’s their experience.”

  • tom_billesley

    He doesn’t want to be white like George Zimmerman

    • That damn white skin has an evil magic!

    • He pretends to be Latin American but he’s not. Because in Latin America people hate the fact that their skin is brown. He’s obviously never lived there. That’s why the women walk around with parasols and you will never see a Latin American sitting in the sun on the beach — they always sit in the shade. Only the white tourists sit in the sun. Everybody hates the colour of their own skin and imagines that if it were either lighter or darker it would be more attractive, but the idiot Professor is making a political/racial issue out of it.

      • It’s also why Latin American men like to grow big moustaches. Because which racial group can’t grow moustaches? Oh, right.

        • I’m white but when Latin America was my home naturally I sat in the shade with my Latin American friends and neighbours, hence I often didn’t have much of a tan. My friends would have laughed at me if I sat out in the hot sun like the tourists! They could never figure out why white people wanted to make their skin darker — they thought white skin was beautiful. And I thought their skin was beautiful too. Go figure. Mutual appreciation instead of all this race-baiting — a “new” concept.

      • k1962

        The Chinese do that here. G-d forbid they get a tan.

        • Same goes for Caribbean Blacks — they never sit in the sun. A lot of people don’t realize that Blacks can tan darker, and also get a nasty sunburn — it’s just not as visible but it hurts the same. Plus who the heck wants to bake like a turkey on a hot beach anyway. Oops — maybe we white people. 😉

          • k1962

            I used to sit behind a light skinned black guy (a friend of Chris Spence…former T.O. school board head and plagiarist extraordinaire whom BCF liked to report on… this guy played in the CFL briefly too) in high school and I remember that when he came back from his winter vacation that he had a tan, kind of funny. Anyway, I’m a bit jealous that black people, again generally speaking, don’t seem to get all wrinkled when they get older :/ Lucky them!

  • politicallynaive

    Look where all the violence is seen? in the black community vs white community…

  • Dana Garcia

    Right, “Mexican” has so many positive connotations.

  • canminuteman

    It’s amazing how stupid someone can be and still wear the title “professor”.

    • Alain

      I thought it had become a prerequisite.

  • pdxnag

    Was there one or two white guys who suffered from evil government discrimination so that both the accuser and accusee here could obtain their current positions as so-called student and so-called professor?

    Such social promotion must make them feel so inadequate, for their entire lives. They should feel – here is a magic word – guilty.

  • k1962

    This type of thinking is surreal or batshit crazy.