Left-wing protesters force an academic to cancel his lecture on welfare reforms

Left-wing activists have succeeded in stopping a university lecture in which a respected academic was due to present his research on welfare.

The talk at the London School of Economics has been temporarily postponed over concerns that campaigners were threatening to disrupt it.

Dr Adam Perkins had been due to speak about his book, which examined the relationship between personality and the welfare state.

Dr Perkins, a lecturer in the neurobiology of personality at King’s College London, has already seen his work criticised by those who say it stigmatises the long-term unemployed.

His book, The Welfare Trait, states that ‘individuals with aggressive, rule-breaking and antisocial personality characteristics are over-represented among welfare claimants’.

It suggests that because personality is partly formed by environmental factors, a welfare state that increases the number of children born into disadvantaged households can proliferate employment-resistant personality characteristics.