Louisiana Police Captain Clay Higgins Declares War on Street Gang

Louisiana police Captain Clay Higgins goes on T.V. and calls-out a local street gang and threatens to ‘hunt them like animals’ and then makes fun of their shooting technique.

I have no problem with his message of ecumenical community outreach, but I am curious as to how this appears to others, especially in other countries, that might have more nuanced styles of community relations and different ideas about law enforcement that doesn’t include killing those that obviously need killing.

Can we just get those “WTF” & “USA” categories combined for the rest of 2016?

  • I wish him well!

  • Frances

    Forget what “…other countries…with more nuanced styles of community relations…” think. This man is speaking to HIS community and trying to strengthen their resolve during what will obviously be rough times in getting rid of the gangs. Good on him.

  • bob e

    he speakes a uniquely American lingo that is known & valued around the world .. i say “OOO-RAHH !!”

  • Everyone Else


  • luna

    If Obama had a son… Oh screw it.

  • disqusW6sf

    Wow. That was powerful. Good for him.

  • Editor

    Hmmmm . . .This guy or Anita “Everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic” Sarkeesian. I’m voting for this guy!