PM Useful Idiot to shake down tax payers by expanding health care for alleged “refugees”

Starting in April, Ottawa will fully restore health care coverage for all refugees and asylum claimants to the 2012 level, before it was reduced by the previous Tory government.

In a surprise twist, the Liberal government will also expand medical services for refugees designated for resettlement before they come to Canada. Expanding the Interim Federal Health (IFH) Program, as it’s known, was not promised during last year’s election campaign.

h/t LRC

  • DMB
    • Cripes that’s a lot of kids.

      • ontario john

        Doesn’t even include the goats.

      • Gary

        Remember that each refugee sponsors about 10 relatives to come here .
        Justin said he wants to bring in 200,000 in his first term, that’s close to 2 million over time to add to the 1 million here already that is spread sharia law in the schools and workplaces thanks to dolts like Barbara Hall and Wynne.

        • marty_p

          Wow – silly me – I encouraged my kids to become Engineers – I should have advised them to learn how to become FGM specialists….it’s about to become a lucrative industry.

    • k1962

      Taking in that family, another example of Justin does stupid. Couldn’t have picked worse. Is there something wrong with a family of 4? Like a family where the dad and/or mom can work to feed their kids?

      I guess the men could all drive cabs. Do they need to get a license like the rest of us or are they just given one of those too?

  • ontario john

    So imam Trudeau is giving free health care to muslims in refugee camps. These are the same refugee camps that the media is reporting don’t have Christians or other minority groups because of persecution by those muslim refugees in the camps. That is why almost all of the refugees coming from the camps are muslim.

    • Yup, Justin as always is on top of his game.

      • Observer

        The refugees even get free glasses and dental care while there are so many cases of homeless Canadian war vets on our streets who have been abandoned by the Canadian government.

  • BradThomas

    Shite but we’re in for it; I pray that this turns out to be a single term government.

    • I do hope so.

      • G

        Don’t hold your breath.
        The people in Atlantic Canada Queerbec and southern Ontario have shown just how stupid and deadbeat they are so many times it’s pretty much an accepted fact by now.

  • Minicapt

    I reiterate: Lizard Brain.


  • Ho Hum

    What is disgraceful is the FACT that Canadians are already DYING because of a lack of health care resources and our treasonous government is extending free healthcare to more and more foreigners (mostly Muslim’s who HATE us and would KILL us if given a chance).

    Last week an 18 year old girl DIED waiting for a hospital bed. She had leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. Even though she had donors lined up the vicious DYKE premier of Ontario – Kathleen Wynne refused to intervene and ALLOWED Laura Hillier to DIE!!

    What is sickening is NOT ONE media outlet in this country dared to cover this story – not even the so-called “right-wing” SUN media. I only found out about this from reading the Daily Mail!

    • Canada elected a moron as PM. A moron whose head is filled with vile notions from his advisers.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But don’t these poor refugees need the extra care for the many drug resistant diseases that are rampant in the Middle East and dental care that is poor there far more than wealthy Canadians?

    • k1962

      We couldn’t care less.

    • mauser 98

      Premier Strapon can donate her horse teeth to needy rapefugees

  • BillyHW

    It’s treasonous.

  • Clausewitz

    Just going over my MA dissertation and looking at the BNA Act which is the foundation of the Trudeau the elder faux Constitution. Yep there it is in clear writing, health care is the prevue of the Provincial governments. How stupid is Junior?

  • Minicapt
  • Next in line

    We promise to vote Liberal…..