Muslim Brotherhood front group linked to terror organizations sues Oklahoma gun range for refusing service to Islamist operative

CAIR is at it again…

The lawsuit on behalf of 29-year-old Raja’ee Fatihah, an employee with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, was filed in U.S. District Court in Muskogee against the owners of Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gun Range in the small town of Oktaha.

Fatihah, who is a board member with the Muslim advocacy group Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Oklahoma chapter, said he went to the gun range after learning about the sign. He said the owners of the store were pleasant and welcoming until he told them he was Muslim.

  • H

    The scruffy looking guys in the photo look like enforcers for an organized crime syndicate. Actually, being members of Cair, I guess they sorta are.

  • Ed

    “…A report released Wednesday by the civil rights advocacy group the Southern Poverty Law Center suggests that anti-Islamic rhetoric is increasing and becoming more mainstream, particularly after the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California…”


    • Maggat

      In reply to your No! how about NO SHIT.

      • Ed

        swat I meant.

    • Boy was I shocked!

  • Minicapt

    We don’t CAIR, so bugger off!


  • Ron MacDonald


    • Alain

      Indeed and with so much free money at stake.

  • Tanya

    CAIR = “CashRegister – Avaricious – Induced – Ratbags”

    • KyraNelson

      Oh, you made me laugh!

  • Ron MacDonald
  • Tanya

    Not a problem, let him in and when CAIR allows us to have a bacon and pork BBQ at one of there many terror collages (Mosques) everybody should be happy!

  • Maggat

    Pity these gun range businesses couldn’t find a few old Ross rifles. They had a habit of the bolt blowing back and killing the shooter.

  • KyraNelson

    Doesn’t this yutz have the same kinda job as the vile murderous turd in San Bernardino? Most Americans would be grateful for a nice job like this.

  • Petrilia

    Nasty lookin dudes. See how they use our laws against them. Trump can’t be President fast enough to use MERICNLaws against them. The should be scared.

  • Gary

    It’s called Lawfare since islam producing followers prone to sloth that don’t want to work for a living.
    Maher Arar in Canada used extortion via CAIR’s Lawyers to sue Canada for $400,000,000.00 based on alleged torture in his homeland of Syria that was never proven since he didn’t even show up at the Inquiry named after him.
    It was just 1 day before the final report came out that would expose his globe trotting issues and gun permit in Canada so his lawyer dropped the Lawfare amount to $10.2 million and settled quickly since the evidence from the inquiry was not good for his Court Case .

    Maher Arar did NOT want to take the Witness Stand in a real Court to have his claims questioned because his Lawyer knew that they were only allegations along with Arar telling the Media in 2003 that he was Tortured in JORDAN for two weeks prior to going to Syria.
    Muslims don’t want to go to a real Court room with a real Judge , they use Extortion to inflict fear and try to bankrupt business or smear their names in the Media. It will only get worse in Canada after Justin bring in the 200,000 jew-hating homophobic muslims with few skills to get off Welfare.