How U.S. conservatives failed Trump supporters

Our American friend points us to an article in The Week:

“Get a job, you racists, and stop playing the victim! Don’t you remember the ’80s?”

Does that sound like a successful political program to you? Does it sound like an adequate response when perhaps one-fourth or more of your party’s voters are staging a minor revolt? Of course not. And yet, that is effectively the message the Republican elite is delivering to Donald Trump’s disaffected white working-class supporters.

I recently suggested that the Republican Party, and the conservative movement, offer next to nothing to working-class Trump supporters. There are no obvious conservative policies that will generate the sort of growth needed to raise the standard of living for these working-class voters. Instead, the GOP’s Powers That Be make a great show of obedience and deference to the center-right donor class, even when that donor class’ preferred policies — endless war, unlimited immigration, and slashing tax burdens on the wealthy — have almost no relation to conservative ideas or even popular opinion.

I’m naturally tempted to go beyond the facts and wonder whether the Hardhat Republican has figured out that when automation digs way deeper, those who still have jobs will be paying for the sustenance and social services for the no-longer-needed “unlimited immigration,” not the stockholders in the companies that secured their arrival.

Aw, maybe they haven’t sensed that yet, but you never know.

Reihan Salam recently noted that the American political class seemed blind to the effects of globalization on its working population More.

They’re not blind. They just don’t care. All the GOP is offering its working class supporters is the fact that, by and large, it doesn’t actually hate the working class. Progressives often do hate (or it seems that way) people who don’t need them to run their lives.

Reality check: It’s rare for a conservative to actually “get it” like this. The fact that these pundits feel they can lecture their struggling base—playing into the most “distanced” stereotypes—IS the problem.

The base has no reason to vote conservative now. They may as well vote to punish their enemies, as the current US Prez puts it. They can’t save their country, but they can still see to it that the GOP that betrays them does not get to both benefit and laugh at them at the same time.

We are in for historic change if the GOP is prepared to go under rather than see that. On the other hand, we may be nearing the end of the era of meaningful democratic politics anyway. If so, the party elite’s approach makes a lot of sense. Justice Scalia’s recent death offers an opportunity to strip the Constitution of meaningful protections of civil liberties.

It’s a good moment for elites: For growing numbers of non-elite people, liberty means free pot and consensual euthanasia, not freedom of the media or of religion.

Will the Canadian conservative movement head in the same direction? Perhaps readers will offer thoughts; I haven’t been able to keep up.

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  • Canada’s conservative party allowed the Temporary Foreign Workers program fiasco to happen under their watch.

    They also doubled Canada’s population of Muslim settlers.

    They did nothing to curtail mass immigration because they pretend to believe in the success of a 19th century economic policy – immigrants equals economic growth which simply no longer applies.

    Like the Liberals the Conservatives are craven vote whores wrapping themselves in the moral flag of multiculturalism to deflect criticism and squelch dissent against policy that adversely dims the economic prospects of the native born.

    Perpetual economic uncertainty from suppressed wages, contrived shortages as in housing and the deliberate creation of an exploitable pool of cheap labour result in a balkanized low trust society much more easily managed by the political class and its corporate masters.

    • adam

      Very well said. I’m a conservative, but not the working class variety. My attitude is that I’d rather have Trump or Cruz than any of the donor-lackey types. With Rubio, Bush, or Kasich, the Islamic immigrant flow will continue unabated (as it might with Trump and Cruz, as well).

      As long as Jihad Grover Norquist is a go-to guy for Republicans (and he’s BFF with Paul Ryan, among others), I’d rather there not be a Republican party. His mere presence is symptomatic of the problem.

      • There is no better argument for term limits and the dismantling of government bureaucracy than the mess we are currently in.

        The political class serve their own interests and not those of citizens.

        • Blacksmith

          I wholeheartedly agree, however once the entrenched political class exists I don’t know any way to remove it other than revolution. I thought that when the tea party became active in the US we had a chance but apparently not.

          • It will have to be done. Yes it is a David v. Goliath task but there is no other way to halt the march to serfdom.

    • Millie_Woods

      Add to the list of things coming undone:

      End of an innovation/technological cycle that is threatening jobs worldwide and spurring migration, a glut of natural resources, unheard-of levels of public and private debt, unstable banking system in many countries and central banks entering negative interest territory which is driving investment into teetering stock markets.

      Something is brewing.

  • Trump’s appeal is because he does not follow a strict party line agenda – especially with Islam and immigration.

    Lots of people are obviously pissed off about the mess the dems and the RINOs have gotten this country into.

    The MSM and the political elites are missing the boat. And whining about Trump being the captain.

    • The chattering class is part of the political class, lets hope history’s tide washes them aside.

      • Clausewitz

        They’re two steps away from becoming the new Kulaks and they’re just too stupid to figure it out for themselves.

  • Morticiaa

    What about the head of the biggest pedophilre ring in the history of the world
    The evil Degenerate Catholic Church What a nerve that pope has,,,while touring one
    Of the Poorest drug infested cesspool countries in the world and instead of helping
    Poor uneducated Mexicans to use birth control, he refuses to be a true Christian because of the evil doctrine and traditions of a church whose laws are made by pedophile men and
    Perpetuated by centuries of adherence to traditions that promote evil
    He is ta most incipidly evil cunt and has the nerve to say Trump is not Christisn
    I hope someone shoots that prick in his Argentinian balls

    • That seems rather strong. But maybe deserved.

    • I just posted on Pope Hopey Changey’s Trump remarks.

    • Morticiaa, the Catholic Church is the least of our problems now.

      • Clausewitz

        Yes, but it’s still “A” problem.

    • andycanuck

      Checked out almost all of the Protestant Churches in the world lately?

    • Blacksmith

      I am beginning to suffer from anti Catholic fatigue here. I think there are a lot bigger problems in this world.

      • Clausewitz

        It’s not anti-catholic, it’s more anti socialist pope.

        • Blacksmith

          Actually it was anti Catholic as well as anti socialist pope. While I agree on the socialist pope, I stand by my prior statement.

  • mauser 98

    the next big fail will be McConnel , Ryan GOP RINO’s cave to SCOTUS pick
    McConnel will fall to his knees and give Barry what he wants