How Trudeau helps the Saudis’ scheme to sideline Canadian oil

With the pain of rock-bottom oil prices leaving producers increasingly desperate, Saudi Arabia this week agreed in principle with Russia, to freeze oil output at January levels ― essentially paying lip service to the notion of price stabilization, given that January’s oil output was near a record high. Riyadh’s tepidness towards shoring up oil prices raises a question: Why are the Saudis — long the champion of higher oil prices — content to continue the trend of plentiful, cheap oil exports?

  • Ron MacDonald

    Kill the oil sands in Canada and fracking in the US at all costs so progressives can promote the green energy projects.

    • That seems to be the plan.

      • FIREBRED

        Because, as we all know – the AGW is far worse threat to
        world stability than all islamic terror insanity combined.

    • Let the b@$#@rds freeze in the dark.

      • Clausewitz

        I believe Lougheed said, “Let the Eastern b@$#@rds freeze in the dark”. Unfortunately Premier Nothead is in charge now.

    • Except it’s worse than that. Lots of countries are signing on to the green energy scam and the Global Warming religion, but they still have the good sense to go full speed ahead with developing their oil industry.


      Canada is a far North country, Canada has cold winters, Canada is stupid…

  • ontario john

    And PRAISE ALLAH! The ongoing obsession of Trudeau to undo anything Hitler Harper did continues. Trudeau dropped the Harper court challenge to everyone’s favorite terrorist Omar Kahdr’s bail today. He also brought back all health benefits to muslim refugees. Yes now they can enjoy free dental and prescription care. And just to rub into Harper’s face, he is increasing benefits. Now refugees can enjoy free Canadian medical care while waiting in refugee camps. You know, the refugee camps that don’t welcome Christians or other minority groups. And to top it off, he is reviewing the temporary workers program. Now he can reward his corporate sponsors with cheap out of country labour.

  • Minicapt
  • Just like his dad.

    • Alain

      Yes and no. In spite of his marxist ideology at least his dad had some intelligence and was not an empty-headed puppet. I do agree that the results of both is the destruction of Canada.

      • His dad was an accomplished person. Not a traitor.

        One would have to have had allegiance at some point to be so.

        Neither Trudeau had/has allegiance to Canada.

        • Clausewitz

          PET not a traitor? I guess that’s why he jumped to the defense of his country during WW II, and didn’t spend most of his time riding around on a motorcycle with a Nazi helmet chapeau.

          • As I said, he would have to have had allegiance to Canada to be a traitor.

            He never did.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Why are the Saudis keeping oil prices low? To stick it to Iran and other Shiite producers (and Russia as well) because the Saudis have a lower break even point than their enemies. This forces Iran to spend at least part of their $150 billion in sanctions relief toward propping up their treasury and putting their projected oil production boom into the loss column.

  • Gary

    Liberals don’t care if their oil comes from islamic hell-holes where they flog women or toss gays from roof tops.

    Justin needs gas and oil for his 1956 Benz from Daddy and what’s a few dead queer’s or flogged women if it gets his gas tank fillers and Oil changed.
    They are outside of canada and won’t vote Liberal, plus the gays and feminists in Canada are on the side of isis .