Houellebecq supports Israel, has had it with the Palestinians

According to news site Walla, Houellebecq – who is not Jewish – has identified as pro-Israeli for several

Don't smoke, kids.

Don’t smoke, kids.

years. He reconfirmed this position in the interview, and explained: “Israel is more moral than the Palestinians. At first I was neutral, but the Palestinian suicide bombings shocked me. Unlike the Israelis, who strike at pre-marked targets, the Palestinian attacks are blind, and that is much less moral. The end does not justify the means, and that is why the Palestinians have lost legitimacy in my eyes.”

“What connection is there between Muslims in France and the Palestinians?” he asked. “Why do the Muslims in France not raise a hue and cry about what is happening to their brothers in Africa and Asia, but only (do so) about their Palestinian brothers? It is only the fault of the radical Left’s anti-Israeliness and its connection to Islam.”

If you haven’t read Submission I highly recommend it.      h/t Avi Sion

  • Who can blame him?

  • Ed


    Cool. Sounds as ostentatiously made up as these masterpieces…


    • His name was originally Thomas. Houellebecq I think is his grandmother’s name. She raised him, and he really hates his mother who more or less abandoned him.

      Steve Sailer thinks he’s being passive-aggressive, since anglos don’t have a hard time spelling “Thomas”.

      • John

        Houellebecq’s mother used to drag him to nudist camps when he was a child. He hated it. Later in life his marxist mum converted to Islam because, as Houellebecq states: “She had completely exhausted any and all ways of fucking up the world”.

        In light of that, we can forgive his appearance!

  • Hard Little Machine

    “Submission” is a masterpiece. I recommend it to everyone. In English or French.