Finland: Usual suspects outraged male staff may have to view security tapes taken during Muslim only swim times

No more.Now.

  • Xavier

    Or: Less, now.

    Especially for Mamba! I told you you shouldn’t have told me that.

    • I’m glad I don’t know about this. I think.

      • Xavier

        One of her pet peeves is the use of ‘less’ when ‘fewer’ is correct. To incorrectly split infinitives, too – although splitting infinitives isn’t technically incorrect and is actually an accepted form of language. The teachers were wrong.

        • I do its it’s all the time but generally try to correct it.

          • Xavier

            It’s is it is; its is possessive; there is no its’.

        • The Butterfly

          I will never forgive my teachers for lying to me about those split infinitives.

          And I can’t take anyone seriously who uses loose for lose.

          • Xavier

            The lose infuriates me too, but the absolute best (or worst) I’ve come across was ‘for all intensive purposes’.

          • The Butterfly

            A butterfly I liked used that once and my heart just sank.

  • pdxnag

    Imagine. Imagine there were no Muslims inside the gate. Oh, such glorious peace.

  • eMan14

    You people know English real good.

  • Physics grad

    For muslim only swim periods, all pool room doors should be retrofitted to be air tight, and a piping system should be installed so that nerve gas can be piped into the room to treat this infestation.

    • pdxnag

      Way over the top, dude.

    • k1992

      Listen, I hate Islam too but saying stuff like that isn’t practical: are you trying to get the whole blog shut down? What good would that do? Find another forum for threats and incitement to violence: I don’t want to see BCF go under.

      • David Murrell

        The offending comment has been deleted before I saw it. But posters should keep the Cat and his BCF website in mind, before posting anything that could jeopardize this site. There is a war going on and we have to win it.

  • bargogx1

    So good at playing the victim while at the same time demanding special treatment.